"Change is not hard, it is uncomfortable. I am here to guide you through the uncomfortable."

  • If you are hungry for knowledge and want to feed your soul the change it deserves
  • If you want to discover balance with a determination for change and you are curious about navigating the space between the life you are living and the life you want to create
  • If you are serious about creating bliss through mindfulness and heart work
  • If you want to learn the skills of how to heal mind, body, and spirit at a cellular level through metaphysics and epigenetics....See below

The Healing Space

I am located at 201 Park Place, Suite 11, Bourbonnais, IL 60914

By appointment only T-F beginning at 5:30pm

Monday and Saturday Appointments by Special Request

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Hello Beautiful Souls!

I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I am a health and well-being advocate, intuitive life coach and meditation instructor. I am a spiritual seeker and a writer. I live in rural Illinois surrounded by good folks, farm fields, and tranquility. I am in love with the life I have been propelled to discover. I am continually guided by an open heart and an insatiable appetite for knowledge that includes all things physical and metaphysical. Throughout the past several years, I’ve learned to pay attention to the signs and symbols of the energy that pulls me toward my truth. I vow to trust in the unknown and allow it to find me. I embrace the gifts this life has to offer and explore the mysteries and purpose of my soul. I invite you to learn, share, and teach while discovering your unlimited possibilities and your divine purpose. Allow your authentic spirit to guide and grow your soul.

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What Made You Smile Today? A book of feelings & connection.

Becoming a grandmother inspired me to publish my first children's book! It wasn't until I was introduced to the artistic talent of 8-year-old Angelina Lamie that I knew who would illustrate it so perfectly.

When children begin daycare, preschool or kindergarten, we may feel the pangs of separation for the first time. This book offers questions to enhance meaningful conversations to build strong reconnections during times of separation.

Get your copy NOW!

Introducing Angelina Lamie- Angelina is an 8 year old aspiring artist. It was a joy to collaborate and work with such a talented young lady. Angelina provided all of the drawings for the characters in What Made You Smile Today?

My Soul Contract- A Teaching Memoir of Trauma, Truth, and Transformation

My teaching memoir is my hero's journey. Following a traumatic family event, I realized I had no tools to heal from the emotional trauma I had experienced.

Writing in journals became my therapy and my journals became my teaching memoir.

Join me amongst the pages as I share the tools and techniques I created to uncover my truth, discover inner wisdom, and achieve spiritual growth.

"The soul is waiting as the spirit acknowledges its true path."

Get Your Copy NOW! - My Soul Contract

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Where you've seen me...

  Author of the brilliant book,
My Soul Contract, Micki digs deep into how she found safety and freedom from a crumbling foundation, how she no longer allows fear to determine her decisions, & how her light is helping guide other people out of their own darkness!
Click the links below to listen in to this inspiring conversation! 




Where you've seen me...

On this episode of the Kankakee Podcast author and life coach Micki Abels joins the show. From exploring her roots to delving into her role as a “transformational life coach,” Micki shares insights into her profound methods of guiding individuals towards life-changing transformations.  Unveiling the story behind her book, Micki recounts her journey of conflict,…


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Micki Abels is an author, intuitive transformational life coach, and meditation instructor. Her teaching memoir, My Soul Contract, published in January of this year is her life’s journey of personal transformation, self-discovery, and evolution.

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