Transform Your Life-What is a Wellness Life Coach?

Transform Your Life-What is a Wellness Life Coach?

Transform Your Life-

What is a Wellness Life Coach?

With the concern of mental health at an all time high, I would like to address and explain my wellness coaching program.

Many ask, “What does a wellness coach do?” There are just as many approaches, techniques, and styles as there are coaches, therapists, and counselors, so finding the right fit for you can feel daunting and time consuming to say the least.

Consider your expectations and then explore what is available to you.

Here is what my commitment for your wellness journey will look like-

I am a certified holistic wellness coach and meditation instructor. I am intuitive and an empath. I use my skills and gifts in client sessions; however, it is up to the client to discern what feels the most comfortable for their unique, well-being concerns. We collaborate, one on one, to determine how to set and achieve both emotional and physical goals as discussed in our first consultation and build on that foundation as we progress through our sessions moving forward.

Holistic simply means that I use natural approaches towards health and well-being with an emphasis on the individual as a WHOLE. Improving wellness works in tandem and affects all parts of the self. I address behavioral patterns, old belief systems, as well as emotional, physical, and psychological states of being.

Foundationally, every emotion resides in our bodies and shows up in physical ways. I will address physical modalities that you may be experiencing so you can learn how to recognize the source and heal the initial wound.

I am highly intuitive and use my intuition in client sessions. My gift aids in a deeper understanding of how to serve your intentions, perspectives, and life purpose.

You will learn how to let go of old beliefs that no longer nurture your authentic spirit and learn how to incorporate new beliefs that are in alignment with your truth.

I use meditation as a practice for you to connect to your truth, explore your inner wisdom and to be introduced to divine consciousness. The ancient practice of meditation offers clarity, reduces stress, and may often result in spontaneous, healing change.

With the help of my coaching and meditation program, you will learn how to begin your transformation journey and sustain lasting change for a happy, healthier you.

Your mind and body are more powerful than you know. Use that power to heal and transform into the life that has been waiting for you.

Be well. Stay curious.

Micki- xo



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