Time and Stillness

Hello Beautiful Souls- The last several weeks have been devoted to healing my body and working on my manuscript. My doctors and I are very pleased with my speedy recovery and although it feels odd to have been forced to be physically still for an extended period of time, it has been a blessing and a gift. This time of stillness has offered a different perspective on so many levels and has taught me that we truly never stop growing and learning. Quiet self-reflection and deep introspective honestly were part of this gift of time, time that otherwise would have been borrowed from something or somewhere else.

I made two promises to myself when I broke my hip. One was to use this experience to test my resources and honor my beliefs. Recently, I pursued and earned my certification in meditation so that I could teach others how to heal through thought alone using a daily meditation practice. I could have opted for surgery to have foreign parts keep my bones together but I know my body is an amazing machine, capable of healing at an extraordinary level. So I used this gift of time to prove to myself, once again, how amazing and strong the mind/body connection is. The other promise I made to myself was to read my manuscript from beginning to end from an objective point of view, which I had never done. I needed the time to eliminate my writer’s perspective and engage fully from a reader’s perspective. I am grateful for the time to make the necessary changes that were needed while in a relaxed and patient mindset. It’s been a roller coaster during the past seven weeks, not to mention the past five years.

I’ve always had a love affair with non-fiction. I love a real-life story that draws me into the depths of someone’s heart as they share their struggles and give their human-ness a relatable voice. When I contemplated telling my own story and decided to write about it, a roller coaster of emotions rose to the surface. I am a highly sensitive person which also puts me in a category of being very private. Vulnerability is an emotion few sensitive people are willing to expose so I always found it difficult to share my inner most feelings face to face even with my close family and friends. Privately, with a hand-full of hand-picked people who’ve been placed on my path, I began to open my heart and share my stories. What I discovered while sharing is that we all live in a common community where none of us are without the experience of pain or hurt. What I discovered while writing about personal experience, is that it has been validating and therapeutic for me. I have kept a journal for many years recording my experiences and stories of transformation. It was far easier for this private, highly sensitive woman to pour my heart onto a page and allow my burdens to leak from the end of my pen then to verbalize my pain and anger. My manuscript was born out of my recorded messages, my countless journals, loose scribbled-on pieces of paper and a variety of colored post-it notes. What an arduous ride it’s been

When my decision to finally write was shared, I instantly felt an obligation to rise to the occasion and not disappoint my family and friends who had so positively supported my secret dreams. I had experienced yet another level of gratitude and became instantly accountable to set my personal bar to a new high and shoot for the proverbial stars. I began to transfer all of my journal entries to create a story in hopes of helping someone who is struggling to find their truth as I once had. I want to offer a soul prescription that supports their hopes and provides a relatable message. To encourage the idea that there is light after the dark and you can learn to find your calm after your storms. After my foundational truths had crumbled and I lost my ability to trust, I wanted to jump off this roller coaster many times feeling that the work was too difficult. On many occasions, I felt it would have been a lot easier to go back instead of move forward. Back was familiar and easy, yet toxic. Forward was alien, exhausting, yet free. I was skeptical to barter a ticket for this ride, one that promised nothing, but invited hope. What an illuminating ride it’s been.

I have been transferred to yet another level of gratitude and bartered a ticket for a roller coaster ride that took me higher than I ever imagined. I was offered a different perspective that forced stillness. Over the past several years, I’ve chosen stillness to invite a greater knowledge of self and to indulge in a health and wellness decision that encouraged a relationship with my inner knowing. To be physically forced to remain still for the past seven weeks, created a deeper challenge of my well-endowed resources and proved to be the best gift FOR me!

I hope you can embrace the gift of time and use it as an investment in YOU. I hope you can embrace a challenge that will prove to grow your soul in ways beyond your expectations. I hope that when you are faced with a choice, you barter for a ticket to the unknown. I hope you grab the roller coaster with both hands and squeal as you ascend into the heights of your dreams and desires.  Powerful lessons are abundant when we are in the lows, look for them, learn from them, and take them with you on your ride up. I hope you can see something positive in all your experiences and breathe in a new perspective and enjoy this roller coaster ride called life.

I wish you abundant time. I wish you stillness and inner peace. I wish you the best ride ever.


Micki xo

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