Sweet, Abundant Mother Earth

Hello Beautiful Souls- It’s been a busy summer so far. I hope you are allowing yourself some time to breathe in the warm air, wade in pools of calm water and slow down to notice the wonderment of nature all around you.

One of the things I like to do is walk barefoot and feel the ground beneath my feet. I don’t mean to walk numbingly as the blades of grass peek between my toes and the dirt leaves its dark impression on the soles of my feet, but to walk as I invite a sense of deep connection to sweet mother earth. Like the roots of a tree growing deep beneath the earth’s surface, anchored below is something we rarely allow ourselves to think about but yet, like the tree, we too are tethered to the earth, securely rooted to our connection to everyone and everything.

Because we are busy living life and attending to our daily responsibilities, it is easy to allow the indoor distractions of television and social media to numb our senses. Sometimes we need gentle reminders to engage in the beauty of what mother earth offers each of us every day. I too, need reminders to take advantage of the abundance that lives right outside my door.

Through hard work and dedication to the importance of respecting the land we live on, my husband and I (but mostly my husband) spend countless hours tending to our outdoor environment to ensure an esthetically pleasant experience. Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in the doing and forget about the reasons why we’re doing the doing. My surroundings invite a plethora of nature’s activities and I sometimes need a nudge to make sure I get out to notice I am a part of it. A part of this place we’ve built out of what mother earth has gifted us.

This brings me to my point today. We all have responsibilities and although we may have a difference of opinion of what is important, at the end of the day if we forget to take in the abundance of nature, we are going to miss out on the essential purpose… to live and care deeply for the gifts offered by this abundant planet.

Dig deep into your roots and recall the importance of the simple life of a child. Walk amongst nature and hold the hand of the person next to you and know they are the same. Children don’t see difference, they are taught difference Children don’t know hate, they are taught hate. Children don’t know division, they are taught division. Just like the trees, our roots share the same soil, the same earth and the same foundation. We are birthed into this life infused with a simple knowing to love and cherish all living things. Respect is taught. Love is a gift that we give to ourselves and to others. Mother earth continues to offer her abundance and provide everything we need each and every day knowing that there are humans that don’t respect her offerings. Taking her for granted is no longer an option.

Walk amongst nature and grant yourself the peace that imbibes your spirt and calms your being. Invite your children and your children’s children to do the same. Walk amongst the miracles and know you are part of it. Hug the tree. Feel the earth. Watch the constant activity. Listen to the harmonic symphony of the wind and the water and the air. Don’t leave anything that doesn’t belong there and breathe in everything you need to feed your soul.

Mother Earth provides and nurtures and nourishes. Only take what you need and no more. Replace what you can and have gratitude for her gifts. Walk with an intention that holds your awareness to your connection to her.

Respect. Honor. Appreciate. Admire. Celebrate.

Be well dear friends

DDBR- Micki xo

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