Special Visits and Special Messages

Special Visits and Special Messages

Hello Beautiful Souls- This is a throwback but I ran across it today and it felt important to share.

I am resting on my favorite jet black, extra-long, lovingly used yoga mat in the final pose of this evening’s class. Following 45 minutes of movement, I’ve earned 15 minutes of sweet surrender, commonly referred to as final savasana or corpse pose. I am saturated in the familiar feelings of connection, both to my mind and body and to the heightened vibration of the room. I’ve missed my practice and I’ve missed the community. I’ve missed my teacher and I’ve missed the studio. What I didn’t realize I missed even more, was about to play out in front of me as I entered one of my favorite places; the vast space of limitless possibilities, the unknown, the quantum field or the 5th dimension. Peace and calm pulse through every cell of my being and I am in bliss. While in this state of being, I am no stranger to sensing profound messages or experiencing spiritually inspired and fascinating visions. It is seldom orchestrated by me, however, when it begins, I welcome it with the curiosity of a child.  As the acquainted feelings flood my senses, I quietly remind myself to let go of the wheel and allow the waves of mysticism to carry me where ever it is I need to be.

It begins…

My entire body smiles as I see her. She is frolicking on the beach. She playfully throws her head back and her trunk sways from side to side. The ocean breeze lifts her enormous, unpretentious ears and they move to the rhythm of her joy. Her joy enters my heart and we share this like energy. She is aware that I am watching her. I know she is always with me. She promised me that. She was a surprise and a gift to me and her name is Rose. She represents pure joy and I feel immense gratitude when I sense her energy. I am in a state of heightened awareness using only my internal senses.

Rose presents a spiral bound notebook and places it in the sand. I watch as the salty breeze turns the pages. As each page turns, the words on each page lift and the ink that formed the words twist and transform into the shape of a person. Each person is a spirit, a spirit whose inspiration guides me. I don’t see faces, I simply feel which spirit is with me. As the ink flies off the page and casts itself into a recognizable form, I quickly realize that the notebook is the journal of my psychic library. My psychic library is a chronicle of every spirit that has delivered a message for me and the memory of each mystical experience. As I observe the beautiful choreography of paper and ink, spirit and messages, these important visitors form a line. They stand in front of me perfectly still as I, one by one, recognize each and every one. My grandma and grandpa, my mom, Uncle Dave, Al, Ed & Bunny, Kathy, Paul, Julie, Barbara, Sven, Bob, Angelica and the sweet little boy with no name, are all here.

I walk toward the line of beautiful spirits and as I get close, spirit forms a circle around me. They hold hands and sway as if a soulful melody moves their bodies. Each spirit individually approaches and delivers a personal, moving message. My grandma reminds me of the first message she delivered to me that sparked my intuitive interests. She holds my face in her hands and tells me how proud she is of me. My grandpa took my hand and said, “Thank you! Thank you for writing and sharing your memories of us.” My mom gazes deep into my eyes and says, “I’m so sorry. I’m sorry for the pain I caused. I’m sorry I couldn’t give you what you needed. I love you so much, Micki. You are beautiful and I am so proud of you.” My mom hugs me tighter than she ever has and for longer than she ever has. I am able to feel her soft touch and smell her fragrance and she feels genuine. She has changed. She is different.

 Each one took their turn and delivered a supportive, loving message. I inhale their loving encouragement deep into my heart. I allow the gratitude of their generous presence to feed my soul.

There we were, all of us barefoot in the sand, standing exposed and true and whole. Nothing more important than being here now. Nothing more real than the pure joy that lives in connecting both the physical and non-physical realms. I am gushing with gratitude. Tears leave my eyes and fall to my mat.

My teacher’s voice enters the room and I am brought back to my three-dimensional world.

Each and every time spirit invites me into their realm and even though I have had countless experiences, I continue to be surprised in a way that inspires me to remain open to receive any and all experiences that sit patiently in my future. I simply trust and allow, just as in my daily meditation practice, and beautiful inspiring things happen.

My wish for all my followers is to create a space within yourselves to allow the mystical. There is nothing to fear in the field of the unknown. There is only love and support and answers. This divine field is a loving intelligence waiting for your arrival. Consider visiting and visit often.

Travel light, leaving all of your cares and concerns behind. To enter all you need is to let go of your attachment to your physical world and trust.

Happy meditating! Happy mystical experience!

Dream It-Design It-Believe It-Receive It

DDBR-Micki xo

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