Hello Beautiful Souls-Happy Sunday

My eyes open as my sweet feline friend, Tom purrs, “Good morning,” and snuggles under my neck. I hear my husband snore while I send gratitude for a fresh beginning. The sun rises, granting the gift of a brand new day. I recite my waking mantra, “Thank you for a new day, a new vision and a new curiosity.”  My bedroom window is open and I hear the activity of the environment that awakened before me on this beautiful morning. I smile. My feet find my slippers and the floor. I stretch to welcome my body back from its restful sleep. As my eyes begin to feed my brain with information, serotonin is activated and my brain waves are transferring from theta to alpha. I make a pit stop in the bathroom and robotically head to the kitchen, I scoop the coffee into the filter, pour the water into the reservoir and wait while the aroma of the fresh brew lingers on top of the new day. I fill my oversized mug to the brim with the warm promise of delicious caffeine.

I let my faithful 4-legged companion out the door ahead of me. She announces her arrival into the new dawn by chasing other 4-legged and winged creatures towards the tree line, getting her feet wet in the dewy grass. I sit and watch her as I bring the hot ceramic cup to my lips. I let it rest there awhile and invite my nostrils to drink in the anticipation of this delightful beverage. This heavenly bouquet accelerates my brain waves comfortably towards beta.

This is my favorite part of the day. I sit in peace listening to my backyard symphony and watching my sweet dog, Izzy, sniff each blade of grass, discovering the mysteries of last night’s activity. I hear the hummingbird before I see him. The sound of his wings trumpet his arrival and my attention is pulled toward the feeder full of fresh sugar water. He patiently drinks the nectar of each fabricated flower and I am in awe as I observe this magnificent bird. He flies even closer to me and hovers fearlessly. He looks right at me as if to say, “Thank you.” I watch as he flies away and I’m curious as to where his morning routine takes him next.  The gentle breeze caresses the wind chimes and a calming melody ensues. I wrap both hands around my coffee cup and press it against my chest, warming it from the damp morning air. I lift my chin towards the bluest of skies and close my eyes and breathe. I am grateful to be here, now. Grateful to be. Period. Grateful to be here in this moment and allow every ounce of abundance and gratitude to seep into every cell of my being.

I listen and I watch as nature envelopes every inch of my spirit, activating all of my senses. I believe this is all I need. At least, I know, it is all I need for the first 60 minutes of each new day. Here is NOW. Here, is everything. Here, is where I feel authentic. Here, is where simplicity lives. Here, is where my thoughts love me. Here, is when I am inspired. Here, is when I am creative. Here, is where everything is right. Here, is where I love life. Here, is where comfort and peace lives. Here, there are no questions, only answers. Here, there is no self-doubt, only confidence. Here, there is no fear, only love. Here, there is no chaos, only balanced rhythms.

I want to stay here forever. Here is tranquility and I want to bring it into my day. I want it to be in me and all around me. I want to invite it in when people, places and things start to unravel my morning. Being HERE takes practice and dedication. Being HERE is worth every second of my time to ensure that even if I drift away (and I will), I can always bring it back. All I need to do is slow down and put my attention on it. Take a few deep breaths and welcome HERE back in.

Here, is now. Here, is the generous present moment. Here, is exact. Here, keeps me rooted in my authentic spirit. Here, is when my soul is being perfectly fed. Here, can be an extreme challenge. Here, keeps me curious. Here, is where I strive to be. Here, is the perfect balance of heart and mind coherence. I want every day to feel like a perfect 60 minute Sunday morning.

I wish you the gift of being here, dear friend. Be well. Stay curious.

Dream It-Design It- Believe It-Receive It

DDBR-Micki xo

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