Spider Dreams

Hello Beautiful Souls-In past blogs I have written about dreams and the symbolic importance they offer, therefore, you are familiar with my passion for paying attention to the meanings behind the ever-informative, ever-self-interpretative world of our sleep state. Dreams are the unconscious mind solving our conscious problems and providing answers to many of life’s questions while we snooze. Because our dreams are typically quite odd and contain bizarre imagery, deciphering the stranger things proves to be reasonably difficult. There are many websites that will help define the symbols and it is helpful to pay attention to the emotion and the overall mood of the dream. Together, the objects, people, places and even the colors you notice will define important messages for you.

I am standing in a familiar room in my house and I need to use an eyedropper. As I reach for the eyedropper, I notice that there is something inside of it. I lay it on the floor of the room and a baby spider comes out and scoots across the floor. As I reach for the eyedropper again, I can see that the glass tube looks dark and I am aware that there is another spider ready to make its way out of the slender cylinder. As this spider exits, it is much larger than the first one and I am shocked because it didn’t look that big in the dropper. I am able to see more spiders crawling down the tube just as the first two did. Quite quickly there are 8 or 9 that are ready to come out. I watch as each one exists the eyedropper and I am surprised because each one is different. They are different sizes and different colors and I watch as they crawl out and scamper across the floor in different directions and I am unable to keep track of where they all went. Just when I think all the spiders are out, I see more in the tube. I then deduce that there must be many more spiders waiting in the rubber bulb at the top of the eyedropper. I notice my demeanor in the dream, I am not at all uncomfortable with all of the spiders running past me. In my waking life, I am not afraid of spiders but I have a healthy respect for them. I always keep a close eye on a spider if we are sharing the same space. I am curious and observing. That is exactly the feeling I got watching each one in my dream, so child-like in their excitement to get to the unknown. Enthusiastic and energized to be out in the open, exploring their surroundings with pure zest. I felt as if I were watching a playground full of exuberant children and it filled my heart with great joy. There were so many spiders that I lost count and then at the end of the dream I said, “Gosh, I am so glad I didn’t put that in my ear, all those spiders would have been stuck in my head.”

Each morning I routinely do a tarot card reading for myself. In each of the past 3 mornings, one repetitive card suggested that I should pay attention to my dream’s messages. This is the first dream in the last 3 nights that I could remember, it was still with me when I woke up and I jotted down the details while they were still fresh in my head.

Sometimes I need help interpreting dreams but as I wrote down everything, it became quite clear what my dream was telling me. Spiders can mean many different things to many people especially in regards to what is going on in their lives. My first spider dream was sinister and confirmed manipulative behavior regarding women in my life with whom I was struggling and I was extremely cautious and careful in my dream not to get tangled in the web they had spun. This dream was very different. I was the observer and although in my dream I knew the waking me was typically cautious around spiders, in contrast I was very calm while in their presence. I was more surprised and curious about them and their destination. I knew the different sizes meant something and as I watched a really big spider emerge, it just made me giggle with wonder as I tried to figure out how they were getting out of that small eyedropper unharmed. I found great joy in watching them as each one emerged purposefully and with determination making its way to the place it was meant to go.

In this dream, spiders represented my goals, my dreams and my visions. Big and small. Short term and long term. All different sizes that will shape my future; the life I am designing, the life I feel propelled to fulfil. I am listening to my inner voice and trusting and while it is fun constructing and building towards fulfilling my dreams, there is a part of me that knows the work will come with a healthy dose of fear. The fear that makes it easy to quit. It is unknown. It is unchartered territory for me which is both invigorating and scary. In my dream, I was concerned about the spider getting hurt on the way out. (Hmmm, pretty symbolic. It’s scary to put yourself out there, you might get squashed!) In my dream, I was meant to be the observer and the student as I watched with anticipation to see where and how fast the spiders would make it to where they were headed. Being the observer offered a calm position. The overall mood was happy, excited and surprised. They were coming out of an eyedropper because that is my waking truth, my vision…narrow. Keeping it narrow keeps it safe, not too many or I will lose track of some like I lost track of the spiders. There were so many I couldn’t see where they all went. I think I am keeping it narrow to try to control it and as the spiders were showing me, it’s ok to let go and to trust. The student learned that everything will get to where it is supposed to be at a time that will be just right for me. And once the dream is realized, it’s huge and I will be surprised at what develops as it emerges.

The only words I spoke in the dream was my truth. If I kept my dreams (the spiders) stuck in my head (by using the eyedropper in my ear) that’s where they would have stayed. If I let them out and share them, they will bring me to my destiny, my purpose. My dream was telling me to have fun, stay curious and allow. Fear of the unknown is normal but I can’t let it keep me from experiencing the adventure.

Years ago, I remembered a dream because it was so bizarre. I would share it with someone and we would laugh and shrug it off as meaningless and I would simply confess, “That was weird.” Today, I understand how important our dreams and the messages are. Our body and our brain are always giving us hints and guiding us as to where we need to go and what we need to do. Our brain knows when we are living in opposition with our body, when we are struggling and out of balance. Even during sleep, it is sending us solutions to help ease our struggles. All we need to do is pay attention and hear our truths.

Dream It-Design It-Believe It-Receive It

Stay curious-Trust-Allow

Micki xo

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