Happy 2019

Welcome Beautiful Souls,

What would you do if you could do anything this year?

I’ve discovered that all you need to do is Dream It, Design It, Believe It and Receive It. Anything is possible. 2018 proved to be one of the most personally transformative and successful years for me and I know I am just getting started. I am elated to continue dreaming and designing the next 12 months as I listen and respond to my inner navigation, always trusting in it’s simplicity. I have spent the last 15 years on a magnificent journey of transformation, self-discovery and mystical, magical bliss. The first few years of, what I consider to be this new journey, were admittedly quite bumpy, emotionally raw and frankly some of the scariest, most trying times in this life. I trust that the universe has a grand plan for me as it has a grand plan for all of us. I experience a persistent pull towards what I know to be my inner truths. My inner beliefs that, for so long, had been pushed aside to allow convention and social protocol for the misguided purpose of fitting in.

Where is my voice? Who am I really? What is my purpose? What sparks my spirit and ignites my soul?  These were all questions I needed answers to.

I wasn’t always like this so I am genuinely and continually surprised by my experiences and have learned to welcome the brilliant and unpredictable answers to my BIG questions. I have an inexplicable thirst for knowledge like nothing I have ever experienced in my lifetime. I welcome the unknown, in fact I am in awe of it. Somehow it is familiar. It feels right and I am in love with the encouraging sense it offers. It has confirmed my purpose in this life affording an unrecognizable, yet welcoming confidence. It’s been a gradual introduction to my authentic spirit. An inner knowing, that to the best of my ability to explain, was born in me and is my responsibility to share, encouraging constant growth and gratitude.

I am guided to write my thoughts and my inspirations onto these pages. I am long-winded at times going off on tangents (a good back-story is always needed). Be patient, I will circle around to the main topic as I see my husband’s expression begging, “Is there a point to this story?”
Inherently, I write as I speak, no apologies. I am who I am. Grateful to be.
It often feels as if I am traveling on a distant path adjacent to the current route. A magnetic pull towards my truth. My intention is to help through sharing my experiences. I am healing, we are all healing at different warps on different journeys. I asked to be of service and this is what was sent. I’ve sprinkled in some humor and offer huge doses of love. My stories are from my heart to yours. Embrace the beautiful, simple and pure abundance this life has in store for you. Dream everything you desire, design it down to the most precise detail, believe that it will happen and be open to receive it. It is all waiting for you.

Writing publicly is 100% vulnerability. Writing as a daily practice is the most therapeutic expanse of my life. I endeavor to learn and teach as I believe we are all students and we are all teachers. We intrinsically share to connect consequently evolving through the power of storytelling. This blog, this website will be a place where I share the stories of my evolution and the journey towards my truth. My hope is that my stories resonate with you and we can discover and intricately dream and design towards our “whole” lives together.

This is the testimony of my exploration, my destiny and my soul’s journey.

I invite you to come along. Share and connect. Be fearless. Stay curious


Micki xo

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