Guided Meditations

Hello Beautiful Souls-I have created a new guided meditation specifically scripted to release fear and anxiety. This meditation, along with all of my meditations are desinged for every age. Everyone can benefit from the stillness and peace that a meditation practice can offer. There are absolutely no guidelines or restrictions, no one is too young or too old, too sick or too well, too busy or too deeply engaged to feel the benefits of meditation. While most of us are at home, and by now are beginning to run out of things to occupy our time, why not introduce a holistic, healthy option that will invite a healthy balance and may even become a practice. Find a quiet space, put in your earbuds or turn up the volume and share with your family, friends and loved ones that are sharing space in your home and relax.

During this meditation, I invite you to focus on your breath. By mindfully slowing down your breath, you will engage your parasympathetic nervous system and naturally release tension from your muscles, decrease your heart rate and bring balance into your energy centers. I also ask for you to be physically comfortable and leave your to-do lists beside you so you can travel light into the magnificient field of endless possibilities. This vast space that holds every potential available to you, I ask for you to create and design the vision of your future. Simply let go of your attachments to your physcial distractions and let go of your attachments to your external world so you can travel within. Within this creative space, with no expectations, you are able to begin to create your future reality.

Stillness allows your heart to open. With your heart open, you release your ego. This allows open communication between the creative centers in your brain and your heart. This communication opens a coherant relationship of your internal knowing and your heartfelt truths. I also ask that you focus on your third eye center. This energy center is located between your eyes at the base of the bridge of your nose. While focusing your attention in this energy center, you activate the pineal gland releasing the elixirs that can offer visions and insights. You may experience colors or flashes of symbols carrying information designed to guide you forward. Remain curious and allow. Breathe and know that you are supported and loved.

Meditations offer stillness while inviting internal peace. Meditations offer the opportunity to change your thoughts. Changing your thoughts will change your energy. Changing your energy will change your life.

I wish you and your family good health ad well-being. I wish you emotional balance, physical balance and spiritual balance.

Be well Beautiful Souls

DDBR- Micki xo

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