Buried Nuts

Hello Beautiful Souls- Squirrel, squirrels, squirrels, light-hearted and playful they are popping up everywhere for me. Because I pay attention to the signs and symbols in my life, and although the squirrel took some nudging to get my attention, I finally got the hint when sadly, I saw one scamper across the street and get hit by a truck right in front of me. The poor creature got so confused and tried to get away but in its panic, ran towards danger, got hit and rolled along the pavement for what seemed like forever until it came to its final resting place right in front of my car. Aside from seeing road kill on a regular basis, which is extremely upsetting to me, to witness this creature get hit right in front of me and die, made me question, “Why?”  It was so in my face, for lack of a better term, and had upset me so much that I thought, of course, the squirrel is trying to get my attention. There is a message here for me.

Upon further research about the squirrel’s symbolism https://www.hep6.com/squirrel-symbolism-facts-meaning-totem-spirit-power-animal/ , it was apparent that the squirrel had indeed sent an important message. Just like the nuts the squirrel hides, behaving as the ever-resourceful planner, it was begging for me to get the shovel and start digging up my buried treasure. The squirrel, as you may have guessed, simply by its nature, reminds us to be playful. Even during all our preparation in life, all the planning for the future, we must also find time to play. I believe this is the balance we all strive for in our life and in our work. As I read through the symbolism and meaning of the squirrel, I couldn’t help but realize how important the timing of the message was for me. I have been preparing and preparing, burying my nuts for later. What if I don’t find them all, what if I am unable to uncover all of my resources? These questions hit me like a lightning bolt. I was behaving as a result of my fear, planning and hoarding. I have been very comfortable in the planning stages, knowing exactly what I want to do with my manuscript and my work. My dreams and aspirations, the roles I want to fulfill and all the things I have to do to build a business that for now, exists as the dream I have designed, all of these are my nuts. I quickly realized that I have been so caught up in the doing, the planning, that it has actually taken over the letting go of my plans. This is a control thing for me. As long as I have it, I am in control of it, I can mold it to my liking, and keep molding it and keep molding it. And as long as I think it’s not ready, that it is not perfect, that it keeps needing to be tweaked and re-sculpted, I don’t have to give it to someone else…yet. This is my fear screaming at me, the fear of being rejected, being told that my idea stinks or that it has been done a thousand times before. But then I come back to my initial intention, knowing that this one is mine, and because it is mine, it is different and unique and it is simply an offering.  I know all of this intellectually but it is the squirrel that offered the reminder that I need to trust. Trust that all of my resources are here for me, just beneath the surface, that I can let go of the attachment to the outcome and honor all of the wisdom I’ve gained through the hard learning. It is time to embrace all of it with a light and playful heart. So with all of this in place, it is time to let go of my project. Allow it into the hands of the professionals and see it polished into a brilliant shining reality of my intention.

Do you have buried nuts? Your hidden treasure, that thing that brings you joy, that served a purpose in all of its planning, perhaps a passion or an idea that has been hiding and it’s time to dig it up and set free into the world? When is the right time? We can plan and sort and organize all we want but that keeps the passion hidden and safe within us. Safe from outside scrutiny, safe to keep nurturing until the nurturing runs into the fear of letting go. Are you holding yourself back out of fear? There is no reward without the risk and we cannot rise unless we’ve fallen. I have the scars to prove I’ve fallen plenty and because of that I am stronger. Not going to lie, it is scary, but I’ve done scary before so I will continue forward, acknowledging my passion and my purpose. I want to close today’s blog by sharing one of the Native American squirrel symbolisms that resonated with me, the talkative nature of the squirrel also gives way to it becoming a messenger to the tribes.

Dream It-Design It-Believe It-Receive It. Simple in its message. I promise to stay curious as I invite this next chapter into my life. Beyond excited!! (And yes, a little scared)


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