A Different Type of Meditation-A Vacation for Your Mind, Body, and Spirit!

A Different Type of Meditation-A Vacation for Your Mind, Body, and Spirit!

I am sitting in one of my favorite places and allowing myself to just be. I am inviting the peace and tranquility of my surroundings and allowing my current environment to be everything I need in this present moment. I am mindful of the sun as it offers a shimmer of reflective light off the dew-laden blades of grass just below me. I am mindful of the weight of the air as it creates a light mist and a heavy fog just above the horizon. My current view is of the lake, my favorite one, the one that, this year, will be my fortieth year visiting. I allow the thought of this extraordinary anniversary to settle into my bones. And as that celebratory idea settled into my bones and within the depths of my soul, I draw in a deep breath. When I walked outside pre-dawn, I tasted a hint of it as I stood on the deck of the cabin surrounded by giant oak trees, mature pines, and the sounds of nature that I only recognize in this place. With this deep breath, I caught the aromas of fall mixed with the dew that seemingly heightened the bouquet of the impactful tincture. Like gifts from the canopy of hosts above me, the sound of fall broke the silence just beneath my feet as I walked along and connected with the crunch of fallen acorns and dried leaves on my path. The glass-like surface of the lake supported the morning's early risers. I heard the boat’s bows slap the water as they created a peaceful and familiar sound as they made their way to their favorite parts of the lake. They slowed to a troll’s pace while looking for signs of hungry fish below, ready to cast into the abundance of potential bites.

Birds are flying between branches, singing their morning songs, and squawking to their friends. The squirrels are working overtime scampering up trees, gathering acorns and burying their treasures beneath the rich, dense earth.  A playful pair, that I am happy to believe are mates or siblings, take time to play and chase each other around the wide girth of the huge oak just in front of me. Their display felt like an offering, a suggestion, or a gentle reminder, to take time to play. And to remember to share time with family and friends, reminding me of what is the most important part of this life.

To be in nature, to surround myself in and amongst the trees, creatures, and the earth, is meditation. The type that is innate and true. To sit or to walk in the abundance and breathe in the ebb and flow of life is meditation. To be in the moment is meditation at the most natural state available. Pairing abundance with gratitude for everything in this present moment is the highest form of spirit and soul connection.

I invite you to meditate in this way. Begin by thinking of a place that is sacred to you, a favorite destination you have visited often that brings you joy and peace. It is a place you have had the immense pleasure of visiting once, or perhaps it is a place that only lives in your dreams and desires. Whatever, or wherever this place is for you, invite that place into your meditation. Use the landscape as a visual and the emotional state it supplies to invite balance into your spirit. In meditation, nothing is off limits and once you have invited a familiar sense of serenity into the metaphysical, you have set the stage to begin a journey to ignite your inner senses.

Your inner sense of sight opens your third eye with the peaceful landscape you have chosen. Next, begin to open your inner sense of smell and taste. Smell whatever is in your mind’s eye, be it flowers, trees, or your favorite meal. Now, if you can, wake up your taste buds and allow your favorite drink or food to sit on your tongue and taste it in a way you never have before, with intense richness and fullness. Next, engage in the sounds all around you. Your inner sense of hearing is heightened in meditation as all the external noises in your environment wash away. With all your inner senses at a heightened state, it is now time to allow yourself to feel more deeply. Allow your skin to absorb your spiritual surroundings, penetrating through your outer layers traveling inward towards your heart. Surrender to your inner sense of feeling and healing and allow whatever arises within you while staying curious as to the messages they hold.

Be open to experience the unexpected in meditation. You may hear things and feel things at a spiritual level that are brand new to you. As you experience new things, remain curious and quietly repeat, “Show me more, show me more.” This mantra will open the gates to portals accessible in meditation, but have the power of wisdom beyond anything available to you in your three-dimensional, waking world.

Happy Meditating-Be well dear friends,

 Micki DDBR



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