7261979 A Letter to My Forever Love

Hello Beautiful Souls- Today I celebrate a life of love!

40 years ago today you came into my life for the rest of my life. I was patient. I waited for you. I waited for you because I believed you. I waited for you because you were smart and handsome, honest and kind, trustworthy and thoughtful. I waited for you to arrive until it was very late and my parents had gone to bed. As you drove up in your red Mustang Ghia, I slipped quietly through the screen door to greet you outside. I can still see you climbing out of that car with your faded jeans and your handsome smile. Your strong physique carried your gigantic heart and you walked like confidence and smelled like heaven. You looked into my eyes and placed your hand in mine and you asked me to be your girl.  The moon shined brightly above us as we walked down the quiet street and I gazed at you and dreamt of what would be. As it started to rain, I started to fall in love with you.

The rain and the moon and you.

 I remember the smell of that sweet summer rain as it hit the warm pavement and I remember the smell of you on that warm July night. Oh and the moon, you hung the moon for me that night. I can look into your eyes and feel like that 16 year old girl again. We would make our union official seven years later. Our days together have been both incredibly wonderful and incredibly difficult. We have been through our share of ups and downs and while I know some of our experiences could have easily ended our partnership, it seems that the rough patches only deepened our love and brought us closer together. Our relationship has taught me life’s most important lessons and through it all we have created a loving bond that cannot be broken. I can’t picture my world without you in it. Together we raised two incredibly strong, independent, smart, funny, loving, patient, kind, honest, hard-working good people.     I am beyond proud to call them our sons.

How did I know at such a young age to choose you? How did I know that you would keep me happy, keep me safe and continue to challenge me? I know you would walk through fire for me and our boys. I have always known. You are my rock, my support and my best friend. I am beyond grateful that you chose me to be your forever love on that rainy, moon-lit July night so long ago.

You have hung the moon in my universe for 14,600 nights and I know you will hang the moon for me for the next 14,600 nights.

Grateful for all that is. Grateful for this life. Grateful for this love. Grateful for you. Grateful for us.


Micki xo

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