2020 & 20/20 Cheerleader for Change

Hello Beautiful Souls- We are all one breath, one decision, one minute, one day, one moment and one experience away from changing our selves, changing our perspectives and changing our lives. It really is that simple. But it is also the hardest, most difficult grueling and honest journey of self-exploration you will ever experience in your life. You are going to meet the most fantastic, upbeat, honest, awakened, conscious, self-aware, authentic human filled with pure joy, love and gratitude. And this authentic human is YOU. 2020 is YOUR year. I can feel it and I have a deep inner knowing saturated in an intrinsic belief that the coming year is going to be magical. It is the year of self. The year for conscious decision making, the year for self-discovery and self-everything. We will have to learn to allow the misconceptions associated with the feelings of self-indulgent guilt and self-judgement to fall to the wayside.

The first act of 2020 is to give yourself permission. Permission to surrender and allow. Permission to ring in the magic!

Dream It– 2020 is the year of your desires; the magic you envision for your future. The future that is waiting for you. What is that thing you desire? What is that thing you’ve secretly, passionately, and privately thought about for so long? It’s time to launch it into being. It’s time to research and explore. It’s time to put the wheels into motion. The energy of this new year is enormous. I can feel it in every ounce of my being. I can feel it vibrate through every cell of my body while keeping me suspended in a state of bliss and gratitude.

Design It- I spent 2019 building towards my dreams and setting goals in all aspects of my life; professionally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. I knew what I wanted to accomplish and I kept envisioning myself in the roles I designed for my future. I kept picturing my life in my future reality and not only that, I kept living as if my future had already happened. Then, I simply remained in gratitude and trusted. I trusted that everything I had dreamt of and designed would find me in divine time. And here it is one year later and I have met my goals, and my dreams are finding me in unexpected ways.

Believe It-We are a culture, a generation, a habitual, “I-want-it-now,” impatient, foot-stomping, entitled group of people. We’re molded by our environment and in that environment we have adopted behaviors that have taught us to give up way too soon. If our hopes and dreams don’t happen by a certain age, or we don’t make enough money by a certain phase of our life or we don’t reach a desired goal at a predetermined date on the calendar, we throw our hands in the air in defeat. I want you to ask yourself, “Was that the dream that was right for me?” “Was that the job that inspired me?” “Was that the goal I was supposed to achieve by that specific date?” Or is there something bigger in store for you? Perhaps it feels safe to dream too small. Start to DREAM BIG in 2020. There is magic energy waiting to find you, so go for it! Plant the seed, water it, nurture it and watch it grow into an enormously strong beautiful fulfilled dream.

Receive It- They say hindsight is 20/20. If only I would have known then what I know now. It sounds cliché but it is true. A saying that states that it’s easy to know what to do after something has already happened and wished it had turned out differently. I decided to flip that notion on its head. I reversed the old paradigm that I don’t know what life has in store for me but rather design the life that has been waiting for me. Then I simply believed that I deserved it and invested in the courage and strength to invite it to find me. In other words, I am living my future now. I am not waiting for it to happen to me. I am inviting it to happen for me. Set the wheels in motion and all you have to do is believe whole-heartedly that beyond a shadow of a doubt, your dream is within reach and it will find you when the timing is just right for you.

Choose simple. We make things hard because we put a time stamp on everything. If you can trust and surrender to the idea that this life that you desire, these dreams that you are building will find you when the time is right then you have mastered being open to accepting everything as it arrives and understand that THAT is exactly how it is to be.

Every experience, whether painful or joyful are lessons to grow our souls. Change your regrets to wisdom. Regret is an unresolved, uninformed life event. An event that we stash away because we didn’t have 20/20 vision to see the lesson that came wrapped up so beautifully for us. Every hurt, every mistake, every disappointment, every guilt, every shame, every rain-filled cloud, every joy, every accomplishment, every cherished memory, every act of kindness, every love-based feeling, every moment of gratitude, every sun-filled sky and every time you feel as one with everything, you are embracing an emotion that is connected to a memory. Recognize the lesson of the experience without the reactive emotional charge attached to it and that, my friends, is called WISDOM.

My wish for you this new coming year is to fulfill your desires. Stay on your path. Listen to your inner truth. Recognize and share your cherished wisdom. Follow your dreams. Plant the seeds and nurture your purpose. Teach and learn. Invite stillness into your everyday life. Trust your inner compass. Listen to your heart and allow it to guide you towards your bright light. Set healthy boundaries. Nourish your body and treat it with kindness. Treat others with kindness. Meditate. Start a journal. Share a smile. Hug longer. Judge less.

2019 big lesson for me- Understand harsh words coming off the tongues of individuals are their hearts announcing their own pain. Do not hold onto their words as they are not yours to hold, but rather, hold space for this individual in your heart and wish them loving peace.

Pay attention to the things that make you go, “Huh, that’s weird,” believe me, it means something. It is there to grab your attention. It is there to guide you on your path. Pay attention to the negative chatter in your head. Become very aware of every utterance of self-limiting banter. Change it. Change every single negative belief to a positive attribute for yourself. You beautiful soul you! This is how we change our energy. This is how we change our behavior. This is how we change our lives. This is how we embrace our purpose. This is how we take charge of our destiny. This is how we create our legacy.

Dream Big

Here’s wishing you a healthy, happy, blissful, dream-filled, abundant 2020!

Be well my friends and always remember it is all here FOR you.

Dream It-Design It-Believe It-Receive It

Micki xo

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