Your Thoughts Are Your Super Power!

Hello Beautiful Souls- Years ago, I lost half of my family members through a tragic event. No, they did not perish in an unexpected accident, we were all very much alive but each of us were stuck in our old behaviors and beliefs and succumbed to a personal entrapment of our destructive inability to communicate. Our energy, vibrating on an extreme level of stress-induced ego-based survival, lacked the skills to change our situation. It was easier for us to struggle in our pain and remain in the thralls of betrayal rather than face our familiar fears and repair our relationships. Through it all, I experienced a devastating, personal rock bottom, I allowed my pain to consume me and I remained in survival mode for a long time. Slowly, I became aware of what I needed but could not get from anything or anyone outside of me. With the feelings that I didn’t matter, that my husband, my sons and I were not worth the fight, I had no other choice than to travel an unfamiliar route and turn inward. While self-discovery had never been on my radar, I was energetically pulled in its direction. I traveled deep into my soul and that is where my answers revealed themselves. Through the course of the next several years, I learned how to literally change my mind which in turn changed my energy which in turn changed my life. I learned how to surrender and allow, forgive and heal. I learned how to recognize and develop a relationship with me. By tapping into my authentic self, I learned to recognize patterns of self-limiting thoughts and acts of self-sabotage. Meditation and introducing myself to a higher frequency of being, offered a space to observe old wounds and learn what I needed to heal from them.

My book and this blog document my stories before, during and after the decision to follow my spirit’s journey. My testimony of transformation that introduced me to my soul’s purpose. By sharing my experiences, my intent is to engage your sense of self-worth and ignite a passion for your own self-discovery. To begin a journey of self-exploration and personal growth by recognizing your true spirit. It may sound easy, but it is far from easy. I am asking you to embark on a journey that demands honesty, an honesty that exposes old wounds and stares deep into the eyes of old paradigms and beliefs. Often times, begging to understand a strong attachment, rooted in a misguided loyalty to familial rules and societal convention that goes against your inner connections to your once-followed truth. A truth that has been clouded by everything outside of you. People, places and things that are distractions, simply offering excuses for time away from self. Yes, we all have day to day responsibilities. Jobs to pay our bills, houses to keep in order and children to raise and families to love and support. Of course, these are very important and at the forefront of our lives. This work is a determination of priority for you and is a crucial element of your evolution. Taking steps towards optimal health and well-being mentally and physically are paramount for you to be available to all of your responsibilities in your daily life.

Meditation has offered the most extensive self-exploration available to me. By allowing myself at the very least 15 minutes on some days to more intensive 90 minutes on other days, I invite stillness as a means to become familiar with my spirit’s direction. I set an intention for a vision of my future and see myself in that future. While in meditation, I am aware and I feel exactly how that future feels in the present moment. I know how I will act to attract that energy into my life. I continually surrender while I let go of the attachments to my external life while engaging in my internal world as I explore the quantum field, where all possibilities exist. The quantum field is the present moment, the electromagnetic field where your elevated emotional energy attracts a specific intentional energy through thought alone. Our minds and our thoughts are powerful beyond compare to anything existing outside of us in our three-dimensional reality. I have used this practice to elevate and improve my emotional well-being as well as my physical well-being, from low level minor aches and pains to a high level healing of a broken hip. I continuously explore my future reality which offers me courage to believe in my strengths while following my purpose to share what I have learned. I am grateful for all of the lessons this life offers me, whether I experienced betrayal or hurt or pain or immense joy and love, the lessons are here for my growth so that I may gain wisdom from the experiences and pass along the practices that steer my spirit, acknowledge my purpose and grow my soul.

Joy lives in sharing the wisdom from my experiences with others. Through my life coaching services and meditation instruction, I’ve tapped into new heights of gratitude. When a friend or client acknowledges that I have helped them, my spirit celebrates and my soul grows exponentially. My heartache is a memory of the past and serves me so I can serve others who are struggling and looking for guidance and answers, just as I was struggling so many years ago. I owe a debt of gratitude to my teachers, my friends and family and my spiritual realm for their support, guidance and most of all their love.

Be well my friends-Invite stillness into your life. Allow gratitude and your thoughts to be your super power!

Dream It-Design It- Believe It- Receive It

DDBR-Micki xo

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