Hello Beautiful Souls- Today, I want to talk about traveling back spiritually to embrace your “whole-ness” To remember or recall who you are, who you came here to be, and to connect to your purpose in this life

Body. Spirit. Soul.

Your body is your physical form, the beautiful vessel you have the pleasure of experiencing this life in. Your body is finite, meaning it has limitations. Your body is matter, it takes up space and exists in linear time. Your soul and your spirit are infinite, knowing no boundaries and no limitations and chose this time to occupy your body. Your soul is pure energy and can bring with it the experience of many past lives or very few past lives. Your spirit is also pure energy and is the driving force that consistently sends messages, ideas, and experiences to guide you towards your purpose. In other words, your body, spirit and soul are a profound duality. The finite experience of your body is in direct opposition or contrast to the infinite experience of your soul and your spirit.

We arrive for this human experience to grow our soul by trusting and following nudges and guidance from our spirit.

And herein lies the perfect dance.

The dance is to experience the intricate balance between having your feet securely rooted in foundational beliefs while at the same time allowing your heart and thoughts to be lovingly connected to your dreams, desires, and purpose. 

You were born whole. You arrived into this existence with everything you needed. As you move through linear time, your environmental conditioning and societal convention slowly cover up your wholeness, making it difficult to recognize your authenticity. You’ve methodically inherited other’s ideas and opinions as your own, blanketing your uniqueness.

Our society experiences a mass hypnosis to believe, follow, and accept an outline of perfection in an attempt to steer us towards a malleable version of our previous selves. Until one day, something sparks inside of you, something awakens a deep recessed memory of who you used to be and why you are here. You may begin to ask yourself, “Why am I here?” or “Is this monotony all there is?” or “What is my purpose?” This is your spirit sending a message to you. This is your cue to begin to peel back all of your conditioning and begin to recognize your truth, your essence, and our whole-ness.

Our societal conditioning numbs us to our inner senses, making our external senses seem more real and more important.  We begin to trust in everything that happens in our three-dimensional reality, or our external world, as our truth. Our connection to our intuitive abilities slowly diminish as we numb our internal senses.

Numbing- In time we experience external advancements. We have technological advancements to make our lives simpler. To offer time-saving options with the intention to improve our experiences.  Although I agree that many technological enhancements for humans is good, there are many that are about control and are developed to take our power away by placing our dependence on these things. As our dependence shifts, we become more reliant on systems that move us away from our on biology. The biology is our spiritual consciousness, a gift we came here with.

It takes self-confidence and self-awareness to break away, to accept a path less traveled, and to trust in your inner knowing. It takes a deep inner belief to begin to separate from convention, tap into your oneness within the whole, and connect with a higher consciousness.

Many are able to do this on their own, and many may need guidance. It is my passion and my purpose to offer guidance while you navigate to trust your inner wisdom and connect to a higher consciousness.

When you decide to change your energy and tap into the infinite sense of your true reality, I am here to assist you in that endeavor. I offer many services to connect you to your intuition and embrace your wholeness!  Message me with any questions you may have while considering your own intuitive development.

Be well dear friends

Stay curious,



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