What If?

What if I experienced less pain, emotionally, spiritually, physically and psychologically? What if every choice I made was from my heart and not my head? What if I stopped considering judgement of others? What if what happened outside of me was no longer a concern? What if I approached every moment from the inside, listening to my inner voice, my guides and the universe? What if I followed my path regardless how apprehensive and anxious the unknown feels? What if I tipped the scales of gratitude, abundance, love and joy in my direction? What if what I have known all along is true? What if I told you all of this is possible, and the best part is, it is inexplicably simple and attainable, all you have to do is ask, “What if?

Sometimes our stories manifest into a life of their own, easily becoming dependent on their existence to validate our pain. What if you released your stories and tapped into the deep inner knowing to find a beautiful balance? Who are you without the attachment of your story? Every moment, every interaction, every event great or small, is a moment FOR us. A good gauge to the progress of your own spiritual healing is to ask how long you stay in your reaction to an event or experience. We are all human and I am just like you. I am not above being reactive or effected by what others say and do. I can absorb their words like testimony, however, I have learned that when others are regurgitating their negativity, they are describing their own inner battles. They are telling you a story about their unresolved pain. If I am totally honest, in the not too distant past, I allowed people’s words and actions to affect me for months and even years and because my ego defends my heart and guards my wounds so fervently, I will have a reaction. At this point in my transformation journey, I am able to determine much more rapidly, how much, if any, is my responsibility and how much is not. I will no longer allow myself to be a scapegoat for someone else’s pain. I am able to realize that what someone says is more about them and less about me. As soon as you notice you are reacting to a comment and you are allowing it to change your energy, it is time to take a moment to breathe and determine accountability. Perhaps you are a highly sensitive person and you easily absorb the energy of the people around you. Have you ever entered a room on a very high frequency, a really good mood only to soon feel overwhelmed with sadness, defeat or pure drama? You would be considered an HSP, you are able to feel other’s emotions. You pick up on subtleties, reading body language, facial expressions and picking up on voice tone very easily. For years I have been accused, by many different people in my life of being, “way too sensitive” and I used to think this was a bad thing. I took it as an insult. What if you could be unapologetic about this? It is a beautiful, precious and valuable gift. What if you embraced your gifts? Your gifts will illuminate your path creating optimal internal balance.

We are carefully made and well-designed. We are unbelievably strong. We enter this life with everything we need. Along the way, through the years, we allow our environment to lead us in a direction different than our soul’s plan. This starts to feel like the natural order and we robotically follow all the while knowing there is something greater. It is up to us to recognize where we are supposed to be, back to our origin, back to our truth.

 Recognize your inner chaos, it erodes into incoherence. Create your own Inner peace, it will develop into full mind, body, soul coherence. Each signature is unique. Each what if is unique. Start asking. This is a tool to start navigating your own truth and create balance and coherence. To start an inner conversation about your truth and say farewell to your story, the story that has turned into your pain. The pain that keeps you from feeling whole.

It is important that you recognize the role of your story. Acknowledge the lessons and graduate the experience to a higher realm called wisdom. Soon you will recognize other stories that are stifling your spiritual growth, work through those. Practice forgiveness for the people in your stories and more importantly practice forgiveness for yourself. Recognize the lessons, add to your wisdom. Soon your wisdom library will be full of gratitude and grace.

What If offers an opportunity to recognize what you’ve been holding onto and gives permission to acknowledge the lessons within our stories and allow the wisdom to propel us towards our spiritual wholeness.

Start asking. Be curious


Micki xo

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