Welcome the Unknown

Welcome the Unknown

If you’ve attended one of my guided meditation classes or been a coaching client, you are familiar with my attention to the unknown. If you are to experience change and growth, it is imperative that you dip your toes into the unknown; better yet, immerse yourself fully into the unknown.

We are conditioned and quite comfortable in our predictable future. Sometimes making the decision to take a leap of faith and trust in the unknown can be quite scary. We are, after all, creatures of habit and have an innate compulsion to control the outcome of our experiences. The combination of the need to control along with the desire to experience change can result in inner chaos and external confusion.

We all experience times when we are presented with decisions. We come to a fork in the road, asking “Should I go left, or should I go right?” Our familial and societal conditioning will have us believe that we need to rely on our intellect and analyze our choice. We analyze to feel safe, to prepare the outcome to feel familiar. Our heart will ask us to listen intently, beg us to take what feels like a risk, to trust in a new experience.

Do we choose the one that feels safe or the one that scares us?

Most times, when we analyze, we talk ourselves out of the scary thing, that thing that makes our heartbeat nervously and that thing that puts butterflies in our stomach. I am not saying to jump without doing your research, but when change and growth are on the horizon and the only thing holding you back is fear…jump!

Embracing the unknown, embracing your fear is the only way change and growth happen. Your spirit pumps blood and ideas into your heart and it is up to you to respond. You may hear a certain group of people state that when a decision is on their hearts, “I’m going to have to meditate on this.”

Meditation is my go-to when decisions loom. Meditation allows me to let go of my physical body, my humanness, and the attachment to my external senses. Once those blockages are cleared, I surrender to the unknown and engage in my inner, spiritual senses.  It is at this moment that I fully commit to the higher vibrations of divine consciousness and allow whatever I need to present itself to me. I am fully in the unknown; able to see, hear, and feel guidance. I am in an open, creative, and curious state of being. My analytical, thinking brain is turned off and I flow towards my truth.

When I am finished with my meditation, I trust and understand that the experience was delivered in love and support of my highest good. A choice may still make me nervous, but it’s nervous, excited energy, not fear. I never want to stop learning and growing because there are so many things that I desire to experience in this life.

I wish you all good health, happiness, and clarity in your endeavors.

Be well dear friends,

Micki DDBR


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