The Gifts of Beliefs and Perceptions

The Gifts of Beliefs and Perceptions

Hello Beautiful Souls-I often hear participants of my meditation classes ask, “How do I keep this current feeling of peace and positivity and how do I remain connected to my new beliefs and perceptions after I leave this space?” 

In meditation, we connect to a higher consciousness and the practice is an introduction to our true self.

While in an elevated state of consciousness, it’s easy to embrace the emotions of gratitude, love, and joy. In a group setting, surrounded by like-minded individuals with hopes and desires for their future, a higher vibrational energy is created. While sharing this space, we are able to disconnect from our everyday responsibilities and it can feel like a beautiful, well-deserved respite from our well-rehearsed and very predictable past.

 Staying connected to a higher consciousness is the great challenge we face when we decide to embrace change in our lives.


Simply put, we are well-rehearsed to go unconscious. We slip back to our familiar behaviors and beliefs that sit at the very foundation of our being. The old self is hard to shake and we often return here because it is familiar and familiar offers comfort.

We must be open to experience discomfort because change requires it.

As a society, we have been conditioned to choose conformity over conviction, pleasure over pain and avoidance over confrontation. We skirt around feeling raw emotion at any cost.  

All events and experiences are stored in the mind and body. Our brain takes a snapshot of an experience and that image is catalogued in our minds. The emotion connected to the image and the experience is stored in the body. As a result, how we think and how we feel is directly connected to our past experiences. Each time we experience a similar emotional event, our minds and bodies unconsciously and magnetically pull us back to the emotions connected to our past. When we go unconscious, our bodies, in autopilot, takeover and anchor us to our familiar past.

The answer then to remain connected to new beliefs and perceptions is to become aware, which simply means to remain conscious. This in itself is a deliberate practice and with practice, you will master the skill of being aware of your thoughts and behaviors. By remaining conscious, you have ultimate control to direct yourself towards the new you. In time, this will become your new familiar. This practice takes determination and will introduce a deep connection to self. It will reveal your authentic path to your individual truth that resides deep within you. Soon, you will have trained yourself to notice when you go numb or unconscious, and redirect yourself towards conscious awareness.

Parts of the old self are sparkly and beautiful and you absolutely want to keep those close to your heart. Only you know what feels out of balance for you or what no longer nurtures or nourishes you.

I invite you to allow the introduction to self and become familiar with your internal truth. Know the difference between what lives in your heart and what lives in your mind and body that has been extracted from external, societal beliefs and perceptions.

You now have a healthy gift and a helpful tool to guide you towards the conscious new you.

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Be well dear friends and stay curious!

Micki- DDBR xo

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