The Otherness of Everything

We don’t need to be fixed, we simply need to be found.

Some are blind, yet have perfect vision. Others are perfectly sighted and see nothing. Many of us have created a world so predictable, we no longer see it. Our curiosity has dimmed to every landscape, every horizon, every person and every experience under pure familiarity.

That which is familiar is no longer interesting, nor is it exciting. We no longer learn from what has become familiar. Familiar steals our interests and our desires.

We no longer engage our senses like we did as children. Our child-like behaviors have left us. We have been repetitively reminded to grow up. We conceded and began to robotically mimic the behaviors of the very busy and very important people in our lives.

When I became a mother, my children offered a new perspective and introduced fresh eyes. My children invited a new world of discovery to see things as if for the first time. They helped me to ignite a curiosity that had been squelched over the years while I was busy growing up and behaving as expected.

As my children grew, they too were told to grow up. They too followed familial and societal rules and became comfortable in mimicked familiar routines. They, as I, infused family patterns and behaviors and tested their own waters and introduced a few new ones. Their unique spirits guided them to do so. Their beautiful souls required them to pay attention and listen to their unique spirits.

Again, my life became busy and familiar.

Busy nurturing.

Busy doing.


Personal experiences, convention and societal rules supported my addiction to negativity.

 We’ve become addicts to our own negativity so that we can feel something. We’ve been conditioned to ignore our depths, leaving us emotionally numb.

Our negativity is representative of our inner fears. Our fears are based on our past experiences. We find it easier to allow fear to keep us from following our soul’s calling.

Growth is inevitable when we can become friends with our fear. To befriend the things within us that scare us the most, releases the grasp of power it holds on us.

The soul is intimate, private and shy. It requires a well-intentioned, thoughtful approach.

Are you living the life you love or are you living the life that’s expected of you?

Invite stillness as a daily practice. Activate your senses. Pay attention and listen to your soul’s guidance.

Allow your quiet mind to illuminate the path to your intentioned life.

Be Curious

Be Aware

Be Soulful

Be Light

Be Love

Be You

Be Simple


Just as spring invites rebirth, your spirit invites a rebirth in you.

Become aware of the otherness in your everything. That which resides but may be hidden under your familiar.

Pay attention to its calling within.

Happy spring

Be well my friends

Dream It-Design It- Believe It-Receive It


Micki xo

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