The Incredible Unified Field

Hello Beautiful Souls- Welcome to the conscious reality of spiritual wisdom.  Ascension into the Fifth Dimension. The Earth and all beings living on the planet are shifting into a whole new level of reality in which a consciousness of love, joy, peace, freedom, compassion and spiritual wisdom prevails. This has been called the Fifth Dimension

The 5th dimension of reality, the place where our thoughts can create our future reality. It is believed that something is not real until we put our attention on it. What you pay attention to will shape your brain, your thoughts and your reality. This begs the questions, “What are we capable of creating? “Can we create a future reality?” “Can we create a future without pain, and can we heal ourselves?” All of our experiences are catalogued as memories in the brain and as humans, we have the ability to recall these memories and the body reacts as if they are happening in real time. In fact, our amazing brain will fire up the autonomic nervous system and react to the stresses associated with a negative or painful memory as if it is happening NOW, simply by thought alone. By thought alone, you activate the flight or fight response in the body, your brain sends a signal warning that its survival is at risk. All of your organs associated with the autonomic nervous system respond together to save the body from the external threat. Imagine now, if you are living in stress every day and the effect your thoughts are creating inside your body. The body is an amazing, ever-adapting, highly-evolved machine. But like all machines, it can only adapt and work at peak performance for so long without eventually needing some attention and tender loving care. The body, when it is knocked out of balance, will eventually begin to feel the result of negative energy and start to send signals that it needs attention, some TLC. These signals will start small at first attempting to get your attention by settling into your hips and back and shoulders perhaps. Possibly feeling some aches and pains that you were not experiencing before. If it persists, you may go to the doctor and the doctor may prescribe a remedy to address the symptom, (not the cause) to soothe over the trouble spots but unfortunately the bandage is only temporary. The pain, the un-ease, the dis-ease you are experiencing is connected to unresolved issues in your life. Many of these, may go back to early childhood. Experiences that you can no longer recall, but the body has stored as a memory and is triggered as stress each and every time a similar event happens in your life. The events won’t look exactly the same, but it triggers the same response in your body as it did as a child and your body knows, according to the memory, that it is unwanted and the body will store it with all the other unwanted feelings of unresolved tension, creating yet more imbalance and more dis-ease and more pain. Each time lowering our frequency. Each time creating an imbalance of our energy centers.

We, as a society, are more stressed than ever. We continue to take on more and more external responsibilities and take less and less time for our internal responsibilities. So, you ask, how do we know what to pay attention to and how do we start healing. Your body tells you exactly where it is storing the unresolved imbalances of the past. It is in your gut, in your joints, in your muscles, in your bones. It shows up as a condition or a disease. It can be anything from minor aches and pains to digestive issues to arthritis to issues with muscles and bones to cancers and the list goes on.

Healing can begin when you acknowledge that you may have created the imbalance, dis-ease or illness by thought alone and that you have the power to reverse it, restore balance, create inner peace and well-being and heal by thought alone. I follow the work being done by leaders in the spiritual community studying the mind body connection, neuroscientists studying instantaneous remissions and the power of our incredible brain and there is undeniable scientific proof that we do have the ability to heal ourselves through thought alone. I have experienced my own healing following this method. Personally, I have not suffered any life-threatening maladies but I have healed many conditions including bladder infections, muscle pulls, chronic swollen veins, joint stiffness, a multitude of common ailments and minor injuries using the practice of meditation. The documented cases of instantaneous remissions involving many debilitating and life-threatening illness are astounding using the practice of daily meditation. Entering the unified field and the 5th dimension through meditation has proven to be a significant gateway to self-healing.

Unfortunately, it is in our human nature to suffer. We have great big egos and great big hearts and because of those two things we will continue to struggle and continue the need to remind ourselves to remain positive. We fall into victimhood quite easily and gravitate towards blaming things outside of ourselves for our negative experiences. In my last two blogs, I’ve discussed the importance of our thoughts, especially our negative self-limiting self-talk. It is important to develop a practice of self-awareness and begin a relationship with your thoughts and be consistently aware of what you are saying not only about yourself but of others. It is important to walk the walk and talk the talk. If you portray yourself positively as a loving and giving individual but the chatter inside your head is negative, criticizing, sarcastic and judgmental, you are demonstrating thoughts and actions in opposition which create more stress to your interior design. When you begin the work, it takes dedication and persistence. It is easy to fall back into the old you and the old familiar ways, but if you truly want change and you want to create balance and heal yourself, positive thoughts of love and gratitude are essential. Recognizing the old you and staying on your new path is ultimately showing love and gratitude for yourself and the work you are doing to improve your health and well-being. When you make the conscious effort to be aware of your thoughts, it is easy to recognize when you are hurt or feeling undervalued and notice how you may criticize the person that is making you feel that way. When someone is behaving that way towards you, they are showing you their pain. They are telling you about themselves, often times it has very little to do with you or your behavior. Have compassion, stand up for yourself in a respectful manner and let their comments go. Release their negative energy from your space. It is not yours to have and it does not belong to you, do not allow their negativity to dim your light. That work belongs to them just as your work belongs to you. When you do the work, you heal past traumas.

“Your ancestors and descendants celebrate every time you do the work” ~ Vito Alberga

Stay connected. Be curious. Pay attention. Be honest with yourself. Do the work. Invite balance. Heal your heart, your body and your mind.

DDBR-Micki xo

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