Sweet, Sweet Gamma

Hello Beautiful Souls- One of the most challenging things for me to incorporate into my waking life is to maintain the sense of bliss I experience in my meditations and carry it into my daily interactions with family, friends and co-workers. This is because every day we are challenged by our outside influences that provoke old paradigms where we can easily react, igniting our familiar habitual patterns. As in all things, it is a constant mindful practice to continually choose between the two.

On my meditation cushion, I am easily transported to a world of love and support that is unlike the love and support I experience in my physical world. It can only be described as a vast unconditional, all-encompassing, nonjudgmental love that continually encourages self-discovery. I am drawn into a space where time no longer exists and the attachments to my physical world disappear. I can eliminate my five senses of taste, sight, hearing, smell and touch and tap into my senses that exist in the quantum field. My brain wave patterns change from Alpha to Theta as I enter a dream-like state. I watch as if I am part of a movie playing in front of me and I am invited to simply observe. I fully trust that what I am being shown is more real than anything in my waking reality. There is an inner-knowing that cannot be ignored. The energy draws me to my higher self and the unconditional love is my truth, that with which I am to incorporate into my purpose. While I am in this magical place I am aware that I am meditating and I am also aware that everything that I am being shown is to help me on my journey. I don’t care what you call it, you can call it God, Source or The Universe, no matter the name, it is a higher realm with a magnetic pull that cannot be ignored. And once you allow it to take you where you need to go, the possibilities are endless. It is a place where you are invited to recognize your potential and create your future, the one that already exists in the field, you are simply tapping in and acknowledging that it is yours. All you have to do is be patient, live in gratitude and trust that it will find you when the time is perfect for you. It has to find you, this is how the law of attraction works. This is how energy works. This is how divine timing works. This is how gratitude works.

I want to explain more about brain wave patterns so that you can better understand your brain and what parts of the brain are activated while meditating. There are five brain wave patterns; Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma.

Each type of brainwave controls a variety of states of consciousness ranging from sleep to active thinking. While all brain waves work simultaneously, one brainwave can be more predominant and active than the others. The dominant brainwave will determine your current state of mind. So if you are awake and relaxed you would be considered to be in an “alpha state of mind” because your Alpha brain waves would be the strongest with the highest amplitude. Brain waves are measured in frequency and each brain wave moves us into a different state of consciousness.

Delta brain waves are measured up to 4 Hz. This is a deep dreamless sleep and we lose body awareness. We may experience complete relaxation and a feeling of calm. Restorative sleep takes place as does subconscious learning and problem solving.

Theta brain waves are measured between 4-7 Hz. This is deep meditation and REM sleep. We may experience creative visualization and inner peace. Fear is reduced and you may experience a feeling of intuition and deep introspection. This is often called the “Tibetan state of consciousness,” or the state of meditation.

Alpha brain waves are measured between 7-13 Hz. This is a calm yet alert state. We may experience improved visualization that supports the mind/body connection and brings awareness to imbalances. Creative thoughts are activated and you experience and inner awareness and self-purpose.

Beta brain waves are measured between 13-39 Hz. This is the active, busy, processing, aroused and cognitive brain. We may experience focused attention on external stimuli in our fully awake state. This is the problem solving and conscious thinking brain. These brain waves are also responsible for the release of endorphins.

Gamma brain waves are measured at 40 Hz and higher. This is higher mental activity including perception and problem solving. We may experience anything from and including high level information processing to the release of beta endorphins. We are entering the emotional spectrum and lose our sense of self and melt into universal consciousness. 

When I am experiencing Gamma brain wave patterns, I am able to detach from my external sensory stimuli and engage in my inner senses. I can taste, smell, touch, hear and see but I am activating my senses in a different realm much like you would in a dream state. Gamma brain waves means that the brain is highly active and when I concentrate on gratitude and love while inviting this state of being, I can feel love emanating and permeating through me and the experience occurring in my brain is much more real than anything happening outside of me. I am fully in the state of ecstasy and bliss and its all taking place with beautiful energy where every corner of my brain is activated and working together with heart coherence. I have been here many times and it is a place that is beyond magic. It is a place that promises to change you forever. You simply cannot return to your body, in linear space and time as the same person.

My experiences may be very different from yours and you can absolutely experience these mystical moments while in different brain waves in meditation. I invite you to introduce or elevate to incorporate a daily practice of meditating because the benefits are conducive in inviting a balance in all areas of the physical, emotional and spiritual life. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, meditation is a practice and in all practices, you will learn a skill and soon that skill will heighten your awareness. Your awareness will raise your consciousness and your consciousness will evolve into mystical moments of clarity and guide you towards your purpose.

Don’t be afraid of the unknown. You must get out of your own way to experience this type of meditation regardless of your state of mind.

Trust- Surrender

DDBR-Micki xo

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