Suffer Into Truth

Suffer Into Truth

Hello Beautiful Souls- What an amazing month I’ve had. I wanted to take a moment and share some things I’ve experienced that have made it so amazing.

A quote:

  • “that we must suffer, suffer into truth. We cannot sleep, and drop by drop at the heart the pain of pain remembered comes again and we resist, but ripeness comes as well. From the gods enthroned on the awesome rowing-bench there comes a violent love.” ― Aeschylus


I struggle foundationally with feelings of being left out and struggle with issues of betrayal. These are emotions that sit in my first two energy centers at the base of my spine and just below my belly button. The first three chakras or energy centers represent our survival centers and are associated with our basic human needs of safety and security. As children, when our basic needs are not tended to, the emotions from unresolved events or unhealed wounds will reside within our bodies. Many will manifest as a physical ailment that eventually requires our attention.

I had been dealing with some physical things that I would describe as irritants or disturbances, and each one presented on the left side of my body. I thought this was interesting, so I used my tools and started digging. I knew there were deeper meanings associated with these irritants and I was focused on a few different energy centers that were affected. In all, one disturbance was in my 6th energy center or third eye chakra, two associated with my 1st energy center or root chakra, and one with my 5th energy center or throat chakra.

I spent several days incorporating and paying attention to these energy centers in my morning meditation practice. While focusing on these energy centers, instructing symbols with a clear intention, pairing that intention with an elevated emotion and trusting and believing that I have the power to heal my body, I was able to see and feel physical improvements. And as is the case most often for me, some unexpected surprises accompanied the physical healing, and I received profound answers for my emotional healing as well. I love and am inspired by these emotionally healing messages, sometimes even more than the physical healing.

Oftentimes, we need to be reminded of things we already know and sometimes forget to incorporate into the day-to-day mundane or as I like to call them, surface-type obstacles or challenges.  This is quite normal behavior for busy people. Typically, we need to slow down, reset, restore, and rejuvenate to remember what is most important. The answers are always inside of us and by inviting peace and calm and making time to reconnect to our innate and profound wisdom, we can hear or feel the answers. Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, the answers that present themselves are quite simple.

I was reminded and guided to share time and space with the like-minded, highly vibrational, kindred spirits in my life. A few hours spent with my favorite women was the healing balm I needed to feel the balance return and restore feelings of connection, inclusion, gratitude, and love. I need this depth in my life. To spend time with people that understand me even when words are not spoken. To be held tenderly by their mere presence is an unequaled gift that I yearn for and at a fundamental level, I deserve.

I quietly tallied the special encounters I experienced in the last 30 days, and I am ecstatic and humbled to say it is a long list. Some were not expected and if I am honest, perhaps a little scary. A test of my self-proclaimed healthy boundaries, I experienced a positive outcome and deepened an old connection that I’ve promised myself I will tend to in the future with an open heart.

In all, my message for the month of May, with a spiritual meaning of rebirth and growth, is to pay attention to what is happening at the surface for you. Make time for sacred relationships, new and old. Allow yourself to be vulnerable with the people who deserve deep conversations that break your heart wide open. Trust that the universe has your back and will guide you in the right direction, you need only to pay attention to its whispers.

We all have times that we must suffer into truth. We may feel stuck and want to throw our hands in the air and wave the white flag. We experience times when we need to be reminded that we hold the keys to unlock our personal power and allow profound love for ourselves.

Stay curious and listen for guidance. Your personal truth offers physical and emotional freedom to heal.

Be well dear friends.

Dream It-Design It-Believe It-Receive It


Micki xo


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