Stormy Weather

Hello Beautiful Souls-This week has been extremely busy and although I made a promise to myself that I would try not to let life’s busi-ness disrupt or throw off my weekly blog, this week has proven to be an exception. We experienced severe weather a short time ago that knocked out our electricity so just a short paragraph or two as I am using my phone to type this rather than my pc keyboard. I am a hunt-and-peck texter so this feels similar to a very long-winded text message. You know the kind, the ones your kids cringe at because you’ve written a small novel, because, as moms, I don’t think we even know how to reply with a simple yes or no. I can see the eye roll now.

This week kept my husband and I emotionally and physically busy. We celebrated extreme happiness and joy with our kids. We did a great deal of work that reminded us that we surely aren’t twenty years old anymore but we can still hold our own. And while all of this is happening we are simultaneously sharing deep sadness as we learn of heartbreaking news impacting our family and friends.

Do you ever find yourself feeling guilty about your good news and happy events because someone else is suffering? Are you not celebrating because it wouldn’t be fair to be happy while someone is in pain? It is a common struggle. Often times life seems unfair and it’s difficult to make sense of tragic, life-altering events. These things make us question our daily decisions and sometimes even our faith. Tragedy brings a clear focus of what and who is truly important in our lives. The things we thought were important, the things we placed as high priorities soon loosen the grip and the attention they’ve held for us because they just don’t seem to matter. And that is the is simply outside material things. The rough times, the sadness, the lowest of emotional lows are here to teach us, to remind us of what is truly important in our lives. To reevaluate and shift our attention to… Us and Them. You and Me. We are what’s important.

Family. Friends. Love. Support.

Life is all about balance. Storms and Sunshine. Hold onto each other during both.



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