Spirit Guides and Angels

Hello Beautiful Souls-Have you ever had an experience that you felt watched over and protected by spirit. Perhaps an unexplainable intervention that saved you from being involved or hurt in an accident or that ultimately protected you from danger? As I was thinking about the topic of my blog this week and as I am writing in my head (as I do, seemingly on a regular basis) this memory popped in. It’s interesting to me that out of the blue I remembered something that happened when I was 18 years old. I had an incident take place at my family home and to this day it makes me shudder to think of what could have happened.

It was dark, rainy and cold as I arrived home after work to an empty house. Empty, with the exception of our new dog, Elliot, a collie rescue with only two days in our home. He was typical to his breed in that he was sweet and docile but he was also the most gigantic Collie I had ever seen. This gentle giant was adjusting to us as his new family and to our home as his new surroundings as he quietly observed me go about my typical come-home routine.  I placed my keys on the divider, set my purse on the kitchen table and hung up my raincoat in the front closet. I was about to let Elliot out when the doorbell rang. I opened the front door and observed two men in black trench coats standing outside in the rain. Immediately a cold chill ran up my spine and I wished I hadn’t opened the door. One of the men asked if my parents were home. I told the men that they were at work but were due home any minute. That was a lie, but as soon as they asked and I answered, I felt uneasy and simultaneously foolish for disclosing that I was home alone. They continued and told me they were my parent’s insurance agents and they needed to speak to them. At this point, I knew they were lying because my mom worked for our insurance agent, in fact that was exactly where she was as this was happening. All of my internal alarms and warnings were going off. I quickly glanced over my shoulder praying our new dog would make an attempt to appear scary and bark in a protective manner but Elliot was laying down behind me, not making a peep. Our other dog would have been barking and growling and bouncing off the door in a protective manner. I patted the side of my leg in an effort to coax Elliot closer, to scare these guys off, even if he quietly got up and stood by me, his size alone would have been intimidating. As I turned back to the men outside the door, the one closest to the door was holding up a business card in one hand while his other hand moved toward the door handle, telling me that he would just leave his number with me. I reached over and locked the screen door to block his attempt at opening it. I felt like I had to be sneaky and I don’t know why I felt that way but something told me to do it quietly and I did. I instructed the intruder to leave his card in the mail slot just outside the door. I suddenly felt empowered and courageous, maybe because I locked the door providing some protection between the men and me or perhaps it was because something more powerful was at work during this incident. I didn’t think that then, there was no time, but I definitely know it to be true today. The men said they would call my parents at a later time and they turned around and left. They never told me their names and they didn’t leave their business card. I shut the door and locked it. I ran a few feet to grab the phone in the kitchen, a land line, we didn’t have cell phones yet, and I dialed my mom’s work phone and ran back to the window to look outside. There was no sign of the men, they were gone. There was no car parked on the street and they were not walking or driving down the street. It was eerie. The amount of time it took me to grab the phone, dial, jump over the dog and peel back the curtain on the front window, was not enough time for the men to get back in their car let alone drive away. Where did they go? Why was there no car? It was pouring rain, why would they be walking? It was all so surreal and strange. While peeking out the window, I ask my mom if she had an appointment with any insurance people. She confirmed what I already knew, “No, I work for the only insurance agent we have.” I explained in detail what had just happened and she said I did the right thing and to go around the house and make sure the rest of the doors and windows were locked. She reassured me that everything would be okay and she would call the police. She calmly explained that the police would drive around the house and the neighborhood to make sure it was safe. My mom said she would be home in a few minutes. I sat with Elliot until my mom and dad got home. When I knew I was safe with my parents back home, it all became very clear to me how serious the experience was. It was amazing to me how many thoughts went through my head in the milliseconds it took to react to protect myself while remaining rational and calm.

Although years ago I believed in something greater, something or someone that protected and guided me, I just didn’t know what to call it. Today I call it divine intervention, my spirit guides or angels. While in fight or flight survival mode that evening, something divine guided me to react in a way that was neither panic nor fear, I just did. I am not sure who my angel was but this loving spirit guided me to respond in a way that was not in my young character. Today as I remember the details of that event, although I don’t know what made the men leave when they did and I won’t ever know their intentions, what I do know for certain is they were up to no good and everything surrounding the event was odd and disturbing.

I am absolutely convinced we have angels around us, loving spirits that guide us and steer us on the paths we are meant to travel. They love and support us unconditionally offering gentle nudges toward our perfect destinations.  Listen. Pay attention. Follow your intuition and your heart because that is where they place their energy. Believe when you feel their presence. Thank them for their guidance and show gratitude for their existence in your life!

Invite. Allow. Acknowledge.

Thank you beautiful guardians, spirit guides and angels.


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