You cannot change your energy, that which you will attract into your life, without being aware of your inner thoughts and self-destructive patterns.”

Hello Beautiful Souls-One of the most transformational practices I’ve adopted is to be very aware of my thoughts and most importantly my self-talk.  It has been reported that on average we have 70,000 thoughts per day and of those 70,000 thoughts, 90% are the same as we had the day before. Are you paying attention? What do you say in your darkest moments to yourself?  What do you say to yourself when things aren’t going as you planned? Do you knock yourself down, do you degrade yourself or degrade someone else? What verbally flippant comments do you make in front of others? Is it self-deprecating? Have you put yourself down in front of others? Why? Do you want others to tell you that you’re wrong? Do you want them to agree with you and say that they struggle with the same thing? After all misery loves company, right. Perhaps it’s time to really pay attention to all of the chatter and figure out why you talk to yourself in a negative manner. It is a habit and your job is to change the habit. Many facets in our society certainly support the idea that we are not good enough. Unfortunately, we are constantly reminded that we are not perfect. A barrage of subliminal advertising, through a variety of means, ensures we continually compare ourselves to a fake barometer of perfection. Now think about the mundane, minute by minute head chatter on a regular so-so day. Notice your thoughts right now. Are they self-limiting, self-deprecating or do you self-sabotage? You have to willfully change them moment by moment by moment. Sound like a daunting task? It takes discipline and focus, honesty and persistence, self-awareness and self-dedication. Ask yourself if you are a walking, talking contradiction? Perhaps outwardly, you appear positive but the conversation in your head is negative whether it’s about you or others. When you say one thing and think the opposite is true, you just boomeranged all that negative energy right back at yourself. You’ve got to talk the talk and walk the walk. Be authentic. Maybe you’re all Zen at home and then you get in your car and someone cuts you off in traffic and you flip them off. Sound familiar? You just unraveled your Zen. You better notice that shit right away and get back on the Zen horse and take notice. If you are conscious of your contradictive behavior, the more you adopt the practice of self-awareness the more you will begin to notice when things are not in balance with your true spirit. You will not feel right. You may not be able to pin point exactly what or why, but these are good indications that your words, actions and thoughts are not in sync with your heart. Perhaps you feel that the same things keep happening to you and you can’t figure out why. It’s most likely because you haven’t changed anything about yourself. If you are the same, you can expect the same. If you are trying to improve your energy and be a positive expression of who you truly are or who you want to be; your inside beliefs must match your outside beliefs. You cannot change your energy, that which you will attract into your life, without being aware of your inner thoughts and self-destructive patterns.

Actively start to notice your thoughts. Change the negatives to a positive. Talk to yourself as you would a dear friend. The more you practice, the more disciplined you will become in changing your mind. Literally, you will change your mind. The more positive energy created internally, the more positive energy you will attract externally. With practice, this will become a powerful habit creating peace and calm in your world. Oh yeah and consistently thank yourself for the work you’re doing.  Practice self-gratitude and believe in your new beautiful, love endorsed self-talk, after all if they are only words, you are only creating another contradictive behavior.

One of my favorite quotes is from Michael A. Singer, “Everything will be okay as soon as you are okay with everything. And that is the only time everything will be okay.” For me this says that you cannot change anyone else’s behavior. The only person you can change is you. When you change, your observations change, your environments change, your views change and the people you attract to your life change.

Start to pay attention. Be aware of negative thoughts. Change your internal environment and observe the change in your external environment. Be consistent. Be kind. Be loving. Be authentic. Be grateful. Do the hard work. Find peace. Feel Joy.

Be well my friends,

Dream It-Design It-Believe It-Receive It!

DDBR Micki-xo

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