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Hello Beautiful Souls-This week has been filled with a lot of aha moments for me. I want to share because I believe it helps in the transformation process to be able to accept the immense synchronicity, awareness and truth that unfolds in our daily lives. We only need to stay curious and be open to receive the gifts. I am continually shocked by the power within fueling my passion to share my experiences. I read tarot cards and each morning as a regular practice I draw three cards while asking, “What do I need to know today?” On Tuesday morning my meditation ran longer than anticipated (which I gladly accept and am ok with) so my daily reading resulted in a one card draw rather than three. The card that jumped out of the deck had to do with abundance, fertility and celebration. I sat and looked at it trying to pick up the message for me. I held it and the only thing that was relatable in that moment was that I would be celebrating a friend’s wedding soon. I guess that could be the celebration, and yes I have been feeling very abundant lately, but the fertility really didn’t fit into anything known. Some readings feel vague and I just chalked it up to feeling rushed and perhaps unable to concentrate with little time to get ready for work. I shrugged my shoulders and went to put the card back in the deck. Just then someone in particular popped into my thoughts. This someone is my daughter-in-law’s sister and I wondered if the card was about her fertility. As I arrived at work I thought about texting her to see if my intuition was correct but quickly told myself to forget it. As I pulled into a parking space, I thought about texting her again, it was a familiar nudge, so I decided to contact her. I have read for her before so I began my message by describing the card I pulled and explained that her name popped into my head shortly after that. I then proceeded to ask her if she had any news. She sent back confirmation that she is expecting a sweet little angel this August! I am so excited and happy for her and her growing family and also about the positive download of information I received. Both were beyond gratifying for me. Two separate mornings after that experience, I again received messages about friends which were all confirmed later to be spot on. My morning readings are going beyond me and my personal events, they are beginning to offer a forecast with the connection I have to others. I have practiced and trained myself to be open to receive the messages and I am grateful that I can link the messages and my interpretations of the cards together. I believe my meditation primes me, if you will, to have a greater acceptance of what lies beyond my three dimensional reality. It is vast awareness that is available to all of us. The cards are a tool I was taught to use to help develop my intuition. Meditation is a tool I was taught to use to deepen my connection to the unknown. I am constantly shocked and amazed with my experiences only deepening a desire to develop further and experience more magic.

My daily practice results in a variety of outcomes for me. Sometimes I direct all energy and attention to a specific area in my body that requires healing and I have experienced recovery or a total cure. Sometimes I am able to go so deep into a meditation that I no longer feel my body. I lose all concept of time and the environment and I become the observer as if I am watching a movie. These meditations have resulted in either a healing message, an emotional or a physical healing. I accept all forms as a welcome gift knowing it will continue to develop and bring me closer to optimum health in mind, body and spirit.

For beginning meditation-Start in an amount of time that works for you. Perhaps it is ten or fifteen minutes. I recommend 432 hertz music. It is said to be the natural frequency of the universe, to have cosmic healing powers. Using earbuds and an eye mask also helps to limit outside distractions and create a more peaceful experience. Inhale to a count of 10 and exhale to a count of 10. With each inhalation feel your body start to relax. With each exhalation release any tension being held in your body. With each inhalation start to picture your surroundings in your mind’s eye. As you continue to breathe, picture yourself leaving your seat, leaving your surroundings and eventually leaving the room you are in. Continue to rise above the building you are in and keep rising until you are above the streets, the town, the state, the entire country until you are far above the earth floating weightless in the universe. Feel the vastness of the space you are in. As you float, start to envision yourself in your future. Whatever that is for you. Stay as long as you are able. With practice, you will be able to sit longer and longer. Once you are able to sit for longer periods, you can introduce breathing techniques to heighten your experience and start concentrating on the main seven energy centers of the body for more focused results. I assure that when you incorporate a meditation practice into your life, you will feel more relaxed, calm and peaceful. Soon, you will be able to bring the feeling of peace into your day, not just during your meditation.

Stay tuned-Next week I will share some of my meditation healings-Until then, be well and stay curious-Allow and receive the gifts


Micki XO

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