Personal Power and the Practice of Importance

Personal Power and the Practice of Importance

Hello Beautiful Souls-I am not sure you know how incredibly powerful you are. Please do not confuse control with power, they are two different things. What I will be discussing in today’s blog is the power to let go of control, after all, there is very little within our control anyway. There is an apparent theme throughout my blogs, and that is that you are more powerful than you realize, paying attention or becoming conscious is key to change, and you have the potential to create your desired life.

You have what is known as your truth. Your truth is a connection to your inner knowing of what feels just and right in the depths of your being. When you make a decision based on anything but your truth, you will feel it in your heart or your gut. You may feel a heaviness or a twinge just behind your breastbone, or you may feel a queasiness in your stomach, or you may feel a very real ache in your heart of your gut. These are important signs that your body sends to you regarding your decision. When your body sends you this all-important information, it is time to respect and honor this information by examining how you reached your decision. But first, you must know what your truth is and trust that your body does in fact communicate with you.

Too often we make decisions based on other’s beliefs and ideas. We have been conditioned to seek approval by adopting the ideas taught to us by our religion, our race, our gender, and of course, by our well-intentioned family and friends. Instead of looking at what’s been handed down to you, begin to recognize what settles into your body and what resonates within your spirit as your truth.

What do you interpret as nourishment for your soul?

The act of being conscious simply means that you are aware. Change begins when you are aware of your thoughts, your feelings, your body, and your actions. Once you have adopted the practice of paying attention to all these very important parts of you, you are positioned to create lasting change by making decisions based on your truth. We always have a choice and it boils down to two emotional operating systems, love and fear. Love-based decisions include joy, gratitude, kindness, and connection to name a few. Fear-based decisions include lack, judgment, hate, and separateness to name a few. You have a choice as to which emotion you want to adopt in every experience.

Change is hard because we make it hard. In my last blog, I wrote about change being more about our inability to feel discomfort than of change itself. To be honest, training myself to be aware was one of the biggest challenges for me. To pay attention to every thought, feeling, and action was exhausting at times, but it was also a profound, personal practice of importance. Being conscious was the only way I was able to recognize who I was and connect to who I am meant to be.

 Inflammation, aches, pains, tumors, or irritable discontent are ways our body tells us that we are not at ease, but in fact are experiencing dis-ease. Our bodies communicate in subtle ways that we often ignore and then in obvious ways that we cannot ignore.

One of my tag lines is, “Stay Curious.” Curiosity will bring you into mindfulness. Mindfulness is simply experiencing the moment without intellect getting in the way and without wanting to control an outcome. Simply being here now. Curiosity keeps us on a learning path towards our truth. Curiosity is an invitation to the unknown. Curiosity allows us to be child-like in the sense that a new discovery is a surprising gift of unrealized passion and fulfillment. Curiosity is a healing balm of possibilities.

You are more powerful than you know. Let go of your attachments to control and embrace freedom. Be an active participant in your life by becoming aware of your thoughts, your body, your actions, and your feelings. Reconnect with your truth, invite stillness, and connect with nature.

 Breathe, Trust. Surrender.

 Breathe in peace and possibility. Trust in the unknown. Surrender all your attachments to the outcome.

When we are seated in our truth, and we listen to the wisdom of our hearts and our bodies, we are perfectly positioned to follow the path towards the answers we need to hear.

Be Well & Stay Curious

Micki xo



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