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Hello Beautiful Souls- I am over-joyed and in awe of what is in front of me. I mean I shouldn’t be surprised, but I can’t help but be continually surprised in a beautiful way of how the universe responds to energy. I whole-heartedly believe in my message and my purpose. I have never been so passionate about what I want to do and what I want to be and where I want to go in this life. The only other time I was this certain of what I wanted for myself was when I knew I wanted to be a wife and a mother. And that is all I wanted for as long as I can remember. I am blessed beyond words to have that experience and I am blessed to continue to know what those two titles have offered me throughout my life. Then our lives change, our babies grow up and out of our arms and they fly away to follow their dreams and we are introduced to a new time. Time for reflection and time to explore, time for new opportunities and time for new passions. Perhaps you are paying attention to an old passion, something that once lit a fire in you, the one that has been patiently waiting for you to light it up again! Whatever the investment, whatever the idea or design, new, old, big or small, I cannot stress the importance of following your hearts’ desires strongly enough. Don’t get me wrong, I was content doing the same ‘ole same ‘ole for a while. I think I just went along with the program. The belief that this is all there is and doing the same thing every day. Get up, work your 9-5 job, come home, cook, eat, do chores, go to bed and do it all again the next day. Nothing wrong with that. Until I realized there is more and I realized I wanted more, more for me. So I started designing my future. I started getting very specific on what that future was going to look like and what that future was going to feel like. I put the feeling ahead of the event. I began living as if it had already happened and guess what? That energy, that belief, that thought was so creative and held so much vibration that it became a power all its own and it found me. I didn’t have to go looking, all I had to do was dream it, design it and believe it. Then I waited patiently for it to find me and I received it.

Don’t misunderstand, I didn’t just sit around and wait for it to drop out of the sky and fall in my lap, there is and will be work involved. There is an investment of time and thought to grow ideas and then you nurture the ideas and help them evolve. But the whole time I was designing and believing, I included my new ideas and my new life into my daily meditations. I pictured what the creation looked like, I felt what the creation would feel like. I made a movie in my mind of how this would evolve and grow. I see my future so clearly and I know how it will manifest because I have over-flowing gratitude for a specific intention. I wait patiently with no attachment to the outcome and I ask for little surprises, just so I know the universe is listening and just so I know the lines of communication are open. And the surprises sprinkle in. And the surprises will continue as long as I give up any expectations and just allow.

So here it is…my passion, to be of service to others. How can I do that? My desire is to teach what I’ve learned. As one of my role models, Maya Angelou, says “When you learn, teach, when you get, give.” I have a manuscript that will be professionally edited and published in 2020. My intention for this book is to help others through sharing my stories of transformation, to offer hope to those feeling hopeless, to offer answers to life’s confusing questions. I have found acceptance while being vulnerable in this space, my blog. I’ve received support from my followers, grateful for the relatable content. Still feeling there was more, I continued to feel driven to teach what I’ve learned through my meditation experiences. I want to share the tools I’ve collected over the years and pursue an opportunity to do so. I recently received my certification in both areas of my heartfelt passions. The things I’ve been told I am good at so I decided to listen. I listened to my supporters and my cheerleaders and my heart.

Although I will continue to accommodate my loyal followers with my blogs, today I am formally announcing my new services as a Life Coach and Meditation Instructor. I am beyond excited as I already have clients interested and signing up for both services! My heart is full as I receive little surprises from the universe validating my dreams and desires.

Develop a relationship with the Universe. Listen to your Heart. Pursue your Passions. Learn and Teach.


Dream It-Design It-Believe It-Receive It

Micki xo

Click on the tabs at the top of my website for more details on the services I offer. Use the “contact” tab to leave an email or PM me on FB for further information.

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