Like Blades of Grass

Hello Beautiful Souls- As we approach Spring, I am reposting a favorite blog from last year. We are all busy- get out and enjoy our beautiful temperatures and an extra hour of daylight on this beautiful Sunday. I will open my windows, take a walk outside and breathe in the abundant spring air.

We are but seeds, planted anew, sprouting up weak and vulnerable. Great care is prudent for the tiny emerald seedlings. The environment is unknown and the inexperienced are fearless to explore the enormous beyond with no comprehension of judgment or ego. A small blade of grass looks toward the sky knowing the sun will aid in its growth. The blade feels nurtured and will grow toward the light and warmth it’s offered. As it continues to grow, it depends on the air to aid in its development while that same air may turn violent and test its endurance.  At some point, when it is thought that the blade of grass is safe and secure, some may no longer treat it with gentle loving kindness. Some glance beyond it, never noticing how important and lush it has become. Some will thoughtlessly discard it and separate it, while still others will intentionally yank it from its safe foundation, ultimately allowing freedom for the blade of grass to be planted elsewhere.

As I bid farewell to the long winter, grateful for the season that forces quiet reflection, inner seclusion and restorative peace, I stand outside in silence, contemplating the symbolism of nature but more specifically the symbolism of the earth beneath my feet. Golden brown and dormant for months, regrowth is promised with the return of spring rains and warm air. Spring announces the arrival of a lush emerald blanket enticing my favorite footwear…nothing. I smile, anxious for that familiar feeling. Like blades of grass, our bare feet invite a sense of freedom, they seduce a balance to our natural connection to this earth, our mother, our nurturer. I watch the Robins scamper along the grass plucking up earth worms, their orange bellies puffed up and ready for egg-laying. Soon I will be walking barefoot in the lush green grass exploring egg-filled nests anticipating a new brood with their sweet chirping, adding to the morning songs of my backyard. I am enamored with the new life that is upon us as the temperatures warm our hearts and improve our spirits. Spring is a promise of starting over, rebirth and new beginnings. We can begin again. It is a gentle reminder that every day we get a choice, we can stay the same or we can grow and evolve.

 Natural. New. Life. Precious. Grateful.

Let’s use the birth of this spring season as an invitation to make our journey back to nature. Back to our inherent root system that spreads underground connecting everything and everybody, to our natural instincts to take care of one another. In crisis, we have no titles, no religion, no color, no gender, and no differences. All judgments fall away. Why?  Is that because we have experienced what real fear is? Fear that we got this thing called life all wrong? Fear got us to separate. Allow love to bring us together. We are all human. We all need the same things. Love and kindness. Compassion and care.

 Uproot stale beliefs. Replant simplicity. Love is fertile soil. Thrive and bloom.


Micki xo

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