Larry and the Tea Set

Hello Beautiful Souls- What a wonderful and surprising response I received from last week’s blog. Who knew the topic of ghostly encounters and talk about spirit would spark so many views on my website? Thank you one and all for the support. I can only conclude that the mysterious, one of the topics I was a bit leery of sharing too soon, would get the most interest. I am so excited and thoroughly grateful, not to mention inspired to continue on this spiritually magical topic. I have many experiences to share and like all things for me, once I invested an interest, it developed and evolved and grew bigger and more unpredictable while continuing to provide answers to my big questions. I am often reminded of the quotes, “Build it and they will come” or “Ask and you shall receive.”

As promised, I will tell you about my experience with the spirit exercise and the result with my father-in-law, Larry. When I decided to do this exercise I chose three important people in my life and selected a symbol that would be significant for each one. The people I chose were my mother, my mother-in-law and of course as previously mentioned, my father-in-law. The symbol I chose for my mother was a black rose. My mom had a china set with a black rose and I have been enamored with the pattern for as long as I can remember. The china was simple yet elegant and I thought it had to be quite uncommon for the 1950’s. I chose this symbol because it is unique just as my mother is unique and because I thought the likelihood of me stumbling across a black rose would be pretty slim. The symbol I chose for my mother-in-law was a brown couch. Ok, I know you’re already thinking those are a dime a dozen, no big mystery here, right? The couch represented the comfort I felt in her home and in her presence. We spent many hours there sharing our truths and our stories and we grew closer with each one. She sat right next to me and listened, really listened, she was good at that. The brown couch is where she invited me into her beautiful heart and told me about her life and I was grateful to be in both.

The symbol I chose for my father-in-law was a tea set. The tea set was very meaningful to me especially because it represented the sweet nature of our relationship and the thoughtful gesture of how I acquired it. After my mother-in-law passed away, my husband and I went to visit as we had always done on a regular basis. My father-in-law’s home had a divider between the kitchen and dining room. A cut out window that allowed dishes to be passed through and conversations to be held. The divider had a sill that typically held seasonal decorations and knick knacks. As we entered the kitchen, I immediately saw the tea set on the sill of the divider, it was beautiful and I commented on it right away. Larry picked up the tea pot and held it and explained,” This was Mom’s and she always took such good care of it because it meant a lot to her.” I listened as he held the tea pot and reminisced about his beautiful bride. He placed it back on the sill and said “I’m glad you like it Mic, because I want you to have it. I know you will take special care of it just as Mom did.” I was so moved by the gesture and the gift. It meant a great deal to me to have something of hers that she treasured. I had no appropriate words at the time, I cried and said thank you. I proudly display the tea set today in a curio cabinet in our living room where I can look at it often and be reminded of my mother and father-in-law. I thought this would be a perfect symbol to represent Larry.

My father-in-law loved golf and he was very good at the game. He loved it so much when he decided to move out of the family home into something smaller, he chose a place very close to one of his favorite golf courses. He was retired which allowed plenty of time for golf on nice weather days and playing cards in the club house with his buddies on the not-so-nice weather days.

One night, a couple weeks after my spirit experiment, I had a dream. I hadn’t dreamt in a long time, or I guess I should say, I hadn’t remembered a dream in a long time. The dream experts say we dream every night. The theory has to do with the alpha waves in brain activity and whether or not you wake up immediately following a dream. There is still a lot of questions and research to discover why some people remember their dreams and why some people do not. Since I had not been remembering my dreams, I was excited that I finally had, as if I had found something that was lost. I have a friend that I also work with and she has very vivid dreams and we enjoy discussing and interpreting them together just for fun. The next morning I was anxious to get into work so I could share my dream with her. On my lunch break I went to her office to discuss and ask her opinion. I began by describing the dream.  It is about my father-in-law but I don’t see him, I only hear him and he is laughing. I don’t mean just laughing, I mean laughing hysterically like he had just told a great joke and delivered the punch line. My father-in-law loved to tell a good joke and share a good laugh, the only thing better than the joke was my reaction when he landed the one-line zinger. He also loved to tease me. I got so sensitive about it at one point my husband had to ask his dad to lighten up a little. Eventually, I got over it knowing that he only did it because he loved me and soon the teasing resumed. I hear him laughing and all of a sudden I see a huge golf tee and then I see another one and another one. They are all different colors and they are swaying side to side, as if they are dancing. He continues laughing and the tees are dancing. The whole scene is very animated like a cartoon. I continue. And that’s it, that’s my whole dream. I don’t get it, what do you think? I am not sure what all the tees mean. It was a whole set. As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I knew exactly what it was. Oh my God, It was a tee set! I got my symbol, I can hardly believe it and I smile knowing he got a real kick out of his little joke. I can just hear him saying, “You want a tea set, I’ll give you a tee set.”

As I said, spirit is clever and spirit will behave just as you remember them. My symbol certainly did not appear as I had expected but that is the exact reason it got my attention. I had no question that this was my father-in-law delivering exactly what I needed to believe he was communicating with me. I love the outcome of this experiment and I hope you keep an open heart and accept the ways in which spirit communicates with you. No doubt they will! It’s only been a week, but please share when you get an answer with your symbol, it may just make you a believer.

Stay curious-DDBR

Micki xo

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