Journey To Beautiful

Hello Beautiful Souls-Today was a difficult day. Love and heavy hearts enveloped family and friends as they said good bye to a baby angel.

Distant healing is taking place, we cannot observe or witness.

Precious Life.

Young. Perfect. Beautiful. Tender. Unpredictable. Cherished. Fragile.

 A gift of unknown time. Moment by moment, breath by breath.


Inhale gratitude. Inhale light. Inhale calm. Inhale sweet peace. Inhale this happy life.


Exhale gratitude. Exhale sweet memories. Exhale joy-filled hopes. Exhale fulfilled wishes. Exhale this happy life.

Pain is lifting…leaving.  One hand holds yours while the other reaches for home. Floating.

I am content and comfortable, vast, open, gloriously clear, wading in pure abundance. I am sending my spirit back to you. I am the butterfly that catches your attention. I will visit you in your dreams. You will recognize my fragrance, hear my laugh and see my smile. You will feel me as I snuggle and warm your heart. I surround you. I am everything. I am everywhere.

I was granted the gift of life. Now I profoundly, passionately return the favor by giving you the gift of my spirit. I place it gently, lovingly, peacefully in your heart. Forever until we embrace once more. Do not shed tears for my early departure, it is divine time. No actions would change this. I accept and glide toward it freely, knowing I fulfilled my soul’s promise. During my short time in your arms, I taught you to love more deeply, trust in your faith and feel the importance of familial connections. I am higher than I have ever been in purpose. I chose you as my family and I received everything I needed, wanted or longed for. On the horizon I can see all that anchors me here. My loving family. My mother and father, my brothers, my grandma and grandpa, my babciu and dziadek, my aunts and uncles, my cousins and great grandma. I can see all that pulls my soul forward. The luminous heavens that house my ancestors waiting to cradle me with loving arms as they welcome me home.

My battle is over as your battle begins. Love and Loss. Pain and Joy. Tears and Laughter. Guilt and Hope. The battle between head and heart. Allow your head to wave the white flag: surrender. Let your heart win victoriously, allowing it to fill up with the memory of my love, my smile, my beautiful blue eyes and my angelic spirit. This is my journey to beautiful.

I Am in Beautiful


I wish you all peace and abundant love. Treasure the gift of life. Give your babies and extra kiss and hug tonight.


Micki xo

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