Invitation for 2023

Invitation for 2023

An Invitation for 2023

Hello Beautiful Souls-As 2022 comes to a close and we welcome a new year, it invites an opportunity to reflect and decide how and what we want to change in our lives moving forward.

As exhibited through my personal experience as well as my experience coaching clients, I’ve discovered that change begins with a paired dedication for self-exploration and intense honesty. A deep desire of bottomless curiosity is the foundation for profound and lasting change. An open mind to explore new healing modalities is an important first step.

Oftentimes, as a society, it isn’t until we experience a personal rock bottom event to begin to investigate a new way of thinking and the thought of adopting new practices to change current behaviors and conditions.

 I invite you to make a lifelong commitment to yourself. The New Year is an offer to know your personal truth. Personal introspection warrants inner peace and parallels the age old extistential questions of, “who am I?” and “what defines me?” When we know our truth we become grounded in ourselves.

We are here to continually learn and grow and evolve.

To become aware, to be conscious of thoughts, actions and words is a practice that needs constant attention. This practice asks for you to become the observer of your life. To step out of your familiar and invite a neutral observation of your actions, thoughts, and words.

Keeping a journal is a useful tool to record your experiences along with your emotions and your reactions based on your emotions. The act of writing summons a connection to your truth. Much can be learned as the observer when the therapeutic technique of writing and observing are engaged. The more you write or journal, the more you will learn about yourself.

Purchase a journal, keep it by your nightstand, in your purse, or your desk drawer. Buy a journal that’s as unique as you are. Buy a journal that speaks to you. Buy a college lined spiral notebook. Use plain printer paper. It doesn’t matter, but what does matter is that the place you write, the paper used to share your thoughts, invites you to be authentic Write when you are triggered. Write when you are feeling challenged. Write when you are happy. Write. Just Write.

Writing is private and never has to be shared with anyone but you. Adopt this personal practice and invite an introduction to self.

Practice awareness. Practice change. Practice consciousness.

Allow your curiosity to guide your towards a whole new you in the New Year.

Happy 2023- Wishing you all balanced health in mind, body, and spirit.



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