I Came Here to Dance

Hello Beautiful Souls-Have you ever gazed out over the horizon and experienced a moment of pure bliss or walked through nature and felt pure abundance? Have you ever stood in the ocean with the sand under your feet and felt pure gratitude or witnessed life entering this world and felt pure wonder? Have you stared into a child’s eyes and felt pure love or observed a child play and felt pure innocence? I want to remember all of the moments when I felt the pureness of everything. I want to let go of the obligations and the demands and the to-do lists. I want to let go of everything because it is simply an illusion. I want to surrender and be nothing.  I want to let go of time cards and appointments and clocks. I want to let go of time knowing it is simply an illusion. I want to surrender and be in no time. I want to let go of skin and bones and organs and systems of the body. I want to let go, knowing my form is simply an illusion. I want to surrender this vessel and be nobody.  I want to let go of walls and rooms and pollution and toxins. I want to surrender this environment knowing it is an illusion. I want to surrender and be nowhere. I want to let go of people and our separateness. I want to surrender people knowing I am you and you are me and together we are no one.

We have many titles throughout our physical lifetime. Before I was born, I was a soul. I chose my parents and the day I was born, I became an identity.  I became a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, a cousin and a niece. As I progressed along, I became a friend and a student, then a girlfriend, a graduate, an employee and a wife. I became an aunt and then a mom. With these titles, came many responsibilities.

I started as a precious beam of light, attracting my parents love and attention. I lived my life under the spells of conformity and convention. I didn’t learn how to question. I didn’t learn how to navigate my own path. I trusted and I followed. Through it all, I’ve had my share of accomplishments and disappointments. I have experienced success and failure in both my personal and professional life. True joy and happiness have been quite profound lately. In this stage of my life, I have a beautiful gift of insight, an inner knowing and a wisdom that has developed over years of inner work. My responsibilities have changed.

I have always been interested in the unknown, the mystical, the things that make me question certain experiences. Lately, I have been listening to people sharing their near death experiences and in some cases, they were pronounced dead and returned to their bodies. I believe I am attracted to these stories because they all have one thing in common and it finally struck me as familiar. In the experiences that I’ve listened to, people report similar feelings of unconditional love, a bright light and a letting go of attachments to their physical world. When they return, they are not the same person. The experience has changed them. They find it difficult to find the appropriate words to describe their experiences of profound love and support. The impact of their experience has changed their emotional state of being, it has changed their intentions and their purpose. The near death experience has altered their behavior in an instant and steered them in a different direction. They navigate through their life with deep awareness of their actions and reactions. They have gone where many of us will never go. Their journey is forever guided by their experience and a shift occurred when they were invited into the unknown; the realm of mystery and divine guidance.

This past week as I listened to one event in particular, I couldn’t help but identify with this person’s experience and I thought how very similar a near death experience is to a mystical or a healing meditation experience. This person explained that all of the attachments to their physical world disappeared and that there was a knowing and an unspoken reality of truth. Time no longer exists, there’s no concept of people, places or things. Everything associated with the physical body was gone. The identity with self falls away. Ego and the association with attachments does not exist. This person experienced an overwhelming feeling of bliss, a love and support like nothing they had ever experienced and they wanted to stay in the moment of total and complete awareness of everything.

I can relate to this feeling. In meditation, I have been there, I have experienced what this person so articulately put into words. I have been in the vast, dark, empty universe. A space that has guided me to explore and invites me to return whenever I choose. A place that I have not wanted to leave. A place that offers a love and a support that is nothing like what I experience here in the physical world. A place without words, offering answers to life’s big questions. A place that is so familiar yet nowhere I have been before. A place where I am no one, in no time and nowhere. A place where all possibilities exist. A place to unite my potential to my purpose and my intention to my life. A place to fulfill my desires and my dreams and all I have to do is surrender and allow. All I have to do is believe and breathe. All I have to do is trust in divine time and know that it will find me when it is exactly the right moment for me.

This is the beautiful unified field. A place where I can let go of my identity, my titles and my attachments. This is where I am introduced to pureness. This is where I am invited to feel bliss and love and abundance. This is where I can heal my mind, my body and my spirit. This is a familiar unknown. It is safe and secure and supported and I will continue my practice of returning to this place again and again.

Letting go of our attachments is a type of near death experience. The death is the letting go. Letting go of the illusion of our body, our environment and time and allow us to detach from all of it providing room for freedom. When we return, we are changed. We view our world from a new foundation. We have been held in a beautiful, undeniable light of simplistic, unconditional love.

Perhaps this sounds like heaven. Perhaps this is what heaven is. Perhaps this is the heaven these beautiful souls have experienced and they were sent back to share their stories with us. Hearing these stories and acknowledging the similarities in my personal meditation experiences, I know that we do not need to have a near death experience to feel this type of bliss. No one is too old or too young, too sick or too well, too busy or too idle to experience a meditation that changes your state of being. It has changed my energy and it has changed my life.

I wish you well dear friend. Travel light with love in your heart. Have compassion and care towards your beautiful self and with intention, navigate your spirit’s journey while fulfilling your soul’s purpose.

I have been introduced to my purpose through meditation. I came here to dance in this amazing experience called life.

Dream It-Design It- Believe It-Receive It

DDBR-Micki xo

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