I Believe, Therefore I Receive

Hello Beautiful Souls-This may be a topic that feels a little “out there” to some of you. It is undeniably a part of me that I am now able to embrace. I am constantly amazed by the profound experiences since becoming more and more curious. As children, we are born naturally clairvoyant, which by definition literally means, “clear vision.” As we age, we may not pay attention to or hone in to our own natural psychic ability, eventually fading into the background. I’ve discovered, at any age, if you tune in or use these tools, you may be considered as having intuitive gifts. We all have these gifts. For me, personally it wasn’t until I became very still and was able to quiet my mind enough to allow. Allow something that has always existed. Like all things this is a practice and with guidance, I was able to further develop my skills. I’m sure you all have had experiences that you cannot explain, little happenings that make you think of a loved one that has passed. Maybe they randomly pop into your thoughts or you see an object that reminds you of them or you experience déjà vu. It’s easy and almost symptomatic to shrug these things off as odd and you go about your daily routines, never exploring the reasons why this is happening. Perhaps someone is trying to get your attention to communicate with you, send a message or provide guidance.

Through the years I have had visits from what I use to call ghosts but what I learned to call spirit. In my twenty-somethings I would indulge in what I considered a guilty pleasure. There was a TV show called “Crossing Over” with psychic medium John Edwards, it aired very late at night and I would watch in secret. I was entertained and very interested in his abilities. During this same time in the house I live now I experienced some spirit-like activity. Often while my boys were napping and I was downstairs doing laundry, I heard what sounded like my little guys running around upstairs. Sure that the boys were up and out of their beds, I walked back upstairs to investigate, only to find them sound asleep. As I was upstairs checking on them, I heard the clanging of pipes downstairs. When I was back downstairs to finish the laundry, I would hear the running upstairs again. On another occasion, in the evening while I was giving my boys a bath, I witnessed a strange mist in the hallway behind me. It was so incredible and a little creepy especially when my son obviously saw it too and asked, “Daddy home?” I have found puddles of water on the floor that could not be explained and discovered objects that had been lost only to reappear in plain sight. I have always been open to believing in interactions with our dead people. Years ago, while sharing “ghost” stories with a friend, she suggested an exercise for me to try. Both she and her sister had put it to the test and received an answer back, from beyond, from the spirit of their loved ones.

The more experiences you encounter that otherwise cannot be explained, I invite you to be open to the possibility of something or someone greater than your current three-dimensional reality. Perhaps you already believe in the beautiful existence of spirit and have many stories that support your beliefs. Perhaps you are questioning the strange coincidences in your own life and would like to know if spirit is communicating with you. We are given signs and symbols every day. When I started to experience more intense “weird and unexplainable” events I was reluctant to share. When my experiences became greater and more mystical than I had the ability to explain, I reached out to the experts for answers. Before I asked for guidance, however, I shared one of my experiences with my yoga teacher, I felt confident sharing with her as I felt she is an authentic spiritual person with a nurturing soul. I remember she asked me after I shared my experience about how I felt while it was happening. I never thought about how I felt but as soon as she asked, I was immediately transported back to the experience and in all honesty, the only feelings within the event were love and support. A deep love that was like nothing else I have known before and a support that matched. I realized by her asking, that I could now evaluate the event further. It was an intervention, a message that not only offered confirmation for me but also invited more-I knew I wanted more of this. It was beautiful and I was all too eager to learn more about it. This exercise is somewhat of a starting point, so if you’ve never “asked” before, this is a perfect beginning for you.

 First, choose a person who has crossed over, whose physical form has left this space and time, who has passed on or very simply, has died. (I’m trying to respect everyone’s terminology here) Second, choose a symbol for this person, perhaps something that you would not see typically in your day to day world but easy to remember, perhaps something that reminds you of them? Third, you will talk to this spirit and ask them to send you a message by showing this symbol to you. This will be the concrete evidence to solidify the concept that our loved ones are with us, they hear us, watch over us and guide us. Last, you wait patiently for the symbol to appear. Keep an open mind and an open heart because I am here to tell you, spirit is clever and the symbol may not be as easy to recognize as you think. When confirmation is in front of you, it will be undeniable and I think you will be surprised in the way it is presented. Be open to receive whatever form it appears for you.

This was just the beginning of the many beautiful experiences I encountered with the spirit world. I hope this resonates with you in some form and if you’ve ever been slightly inquisitive about the unexplained phenomena happening in your world, this will be a simple way to investigate further. In next week’s blog, I will share the people and symbols I chose for this exercise and I will explain how it was shown to me.  My hope is that you have fun with this and it may just open your eyes to some pretty amazing things.  I would love to hear about your story, the person and symbol you choose and how it was presented to you. Remember be patient!

I Dream, therefore I have a vision. I Design, therefore I have the map to my future. I Believe, therefore I trust in the unknown.  I Receive, therefore I accept the Universe will deliver my truth.

Be curious, communicate and connect!


Micki xo

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