Healing the Family Tree

Hello Beautiful Souls-As you may know from reading my blog, I am very intrigued and interested in the topic of self-healing and I am eager to explore when I am introduced to something that is new to me.  A few months back I participated in a special yoga class that concluded with a guided meditation. I had never experienced anything quite like this and part of the experience has me asking deeper questions about how my personal healing could ultimately effect past and future generations. As we were seated on the floor, our instructor asked us to envision our family members. First, he asked us to picture our parents.  I saw my mom instantly, she stood quietly in front of me with her gentle smile and I felt calm and at peace. My dad came bumbling in next acting like he had just been picked as a contestant on a game show. (A typical scene that plays well in my head.) Then we were asked to picture both sets of grandparents and then our great grandparents on both sides of our family. After we gathered our family who came before us…we were instructed to turn and face the opposite direction and then we were asked to picture our children. I could see both my son’s handsome faces, strong physiques and beautiful hearts and I felt the joy they bring me. Then we were asked to see our children’s children and then their children, and their children and so on and so on. This entire exercise was very emotional for me, a meditation that proved to be quite profound. Our instructor explained how our actions, our choices and our patterns effect future generations and past generations. I understand how my choices effect my children and future generations but I had not given any thought to how my choices effect past generations.

We have what are considered generational traumas. I have worked diligently to uncover my own childhood traumas and learned how to identify toxic patterns, change my reactive behaviors and become healthy in mind, body and spirit. (A work in progress) The idea that our ancestors really didn’t deal with their life traumas is quite apparent when you look back and recall how your grandparents and great grandparents accepted their hardships quietly with little complaint. Today we call that stuffing our feelings, and combined with our increased stress, we now know how unhealthy that can be. Feelings are emotions and when we store our negative emotions, we experience stress and over time holding on to stress can knock our bodies out of balance and that imbalance leads to dis-ease. It is typical for us to go through life and never question how or why we make the choices we do. Often times it is a traumatic event that begs questions and invites change. Most generations mimic exactly what they were taught with no question and many are perfectly healthy and happy. Perhaps Johnnie’s dad died from a heart attack at the age of 50. What is the likelihood that Johnnie will die from the same thing his dad died from? 100%? Zero? The only things keeping him at risk and dying from the same disease as his father is to mimic what his father did his whole life. Eat the same foods, live the same lifestyle and deal with his emotions the same way. Taking steps to limit the amount of processed foods we eat, adopting a daily exercise regimen and reducing stress are key factors in changing your genetic markers. Most folks find it easier to change their diet and introduce exercise than to manage stress. Stress has become as normal as going to bed at night and everyone has different levels that they manage. Or do they manage? We spend a great deal of time making sure our bodies are healthy and in good shape but what about our minds, our brains? What kind of daily regimen have you adopted to keep your brain in tip top shape? I am not referring to academics or book smarts, I am referring to the daily routine of our own destructive thought patterns and I am asking you to start developing an intense relationship with the awareness of these thoughts. The constant repetitive negative chatter is essentially our stress. Meditation is a great stress reliever. Meditation induces peace and calm. In meditation, brain wave patterns indicate that different parts of the brain are turned on and activated resulting in a blissful state. Mediation invites us to see a clearer vision of our future. We can create in meditation. We can design our stress-free life in meditation. We can heal past traumas and heal dis-ease and illness in meditation. Enter the quantum field of endless possibilities. If we can change our inner world, we can change our outer world. We can change our genetic markers and alleviate our generational traumas. When we literally change our minds, we change what we allow and when we change what we allow we change our energy. Positive energy offers balance and finding balance changes our health and with the domino effect of healthy choices, now you’ve changed your family’s generation. You are an example to your children and your grandchildren and your great grandchildren. You’ve lifted these heavy generational burdens off of your family’s shoulders. This is deep intentional healing work and it takes dedication and practice. I believe this is one of the greatest gifts we can give our future generations!

So you may ask, how can our present day practice of healing ourselves effect past generations, the branches of our family tree that spread far and wide in the spirit world? Every healthy intention, every practice of healing our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual traumas, disease or illness, will positively affect all of our family members. We are all energy, we are all connected. I know the power of healing affects our ancestors, I have experienced the acknowledgments, support and love from my dead people to know this is true. I am continually encouraged to stay on this path. They are my cheerleaders because they see the results of my choices and the positive influence it has on my family tree. Past, present and future.

Healthy choices, spiritual connections and our capacity for self-healing have a greater impact than I ever anticipated. I am grateful that the answers find me. I invite the surprises this life offers! I wonder what will find me next. Always ready to explore.

I invite you to start the process or continue the work you are doing to heal yourself and your family. Best gift ever!


Micki xo

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