Giving Tuesday

Hello Beautiful Souls- Today is an important day. Often times during the holiday season, we reach deep inside financially and give to a good cause. Perhaps you choose a charity or an organization that is meaningful to you. Perhaps you consider this to be a way to pay if forward, or to give back to a cause that once helped you. Often times, after the holidays, we resume our hectic day to day lives and soon our charitable thoughts drift away. Not because we are not feeling charitable, but because we are not reminded to be charitable. I love that there are so many that are willing to give even if they don’t have it to give. Being benevolent will come back to you ten-fold and bless you with emotional wealth.

I believe there is one more beneficiary to your kind and giving heart and that is YOU! I want you to be very honest with yourself. When was the last time you put you at the top of your giving list? I am sure you have heard the saying, “You can’t give from an empty cup.” Simply put, we cannot give from that which has been depleted emotionally. During this season of giving, I invite you to try something new. I invite you to pay attention to you and your needs and to learn how to give to your mind, body and soul.

Sometimes our attention to others is a distraction to not pay attention to ourselves. If we put our energy somewhere else, we don’t have to think about our own needs. How long have you done this? Isn’t it time to be generous to yourself? Maybe this is something you have longed for and honestly lack the knowledge or the tools to start the journey. It may be that this feels selfish to you, someone once told you that this is self-indulgent behavior and that your kindness should be a gift to others, not yourself. Let’s turn that old thinking, those old paradigms on their heads and choose today to make the shift. Shift your awareness to self-love and self-care.

I am not asking you to stop being generous, please give to your charities and make your donations as you always have. I know this fills you up in countless ways. I am merely suggesting that you take time for yourself. To donate to your health and well-being this season. Try on something new and be the benefactor of your generous heart. Take a step towards your dreams and desires, fulfilling wishes while leaving regrets and worry behind. Train your brain into a new way of thinking and feeling.

On this giving Tuesday and through the month of December, I am offering a FREE 60 minute life coach consultation. I invite you to take a step towards discovering the life that is waiting for you, filled with growth and success & love and abundance.

This is my gift to you, but ultimately it is a gift FOR yourself. It’s time to reach deep inside emotionally and give to YOU. A gift of health and well-being and an opportunity to adopt valuable tools to achieve abundance all year long! Being benevolent to self will come back to you ten-fold and bless you with emotional bliss.

Dream It-Design It-Believe It-Receive It



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