Hello Beautiful Souls-What does freedom mean to you?


Asking yourself meaningful questions can be the most healthful way to move forward in your life.

Answering them honestly offers a path toward the most authentic vision of your destiny.

Inviting your truth offers freedom and ignites the quest for individual creativity.

Are you enslaved by societal rules and conformity? In other words, do you behave in accordance with socially accepted conventions or standards, and how does this resonate within you?

Do your daily behaviors reflect what you want for yourself?

Are you trapped within an archetype?

Are you an original that has been imitated? Are you a convenient mold of someone else’s expectations?

Are you numbingly behaving by what others describe as fitting in or feeling average?

Are you comfortable within these standards, or do you need something more? Something different?

Do you need something new?

Are you searching for a new belief system that ignites your spirit to grow your soul?

In other words, are you authentically YOU?

Are your creative explorations stifled because of fear? Fear of what?

By all means look before you leap, but leap.

Leap towards growth. Leap to fulfill your dreams and desires.

Leap to discover a hidden passion or answer an internal mystery.

Do you feel stuck? Are you comfortable with everything that feels familiar or do you want to feel challenged, courageous, creative, and confident?

Change can be scary. But we cannot grow without initiating change.

When you change your external energy or your environment to match your internal energy, (the energy that lives in your heart), you achieve inner peace through mind and body connection. This new balance and coherence shifts your magnetic field. You now attract what lives in your heart, your dreams, your desires, your passions, and your authentic spirit.

Begin asking yourself these important life questions to light the path towards your truth.

Begin your journey towards the life you were meant to live!

Initiate your personal FREEDOM!

Live well my friends,

Dream it. Design it. Believe it. Receive it.


Micki- xo

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