Hello Beautiful Souls-Many of you are asking, “What is your book about?”

It is a teaching memoir, my life’s journey covering the past 15 years of personal transformation, self-discovery and evolution. I share my experiences of inviting the unknown while allowing signs and symbols to guide my soul to a world beyond the physical. Within the pages, I share the wisdom my spiritual teachers so lovingly provided as I developed a healthy trust to explore the life that was patiently waiting for me

I share the tools and the processes I’ve adopted to survive and thrive as I allowed guidance and answers from the most unexpected places.

Along the way I had so many questions….What if I experienced less pain, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically? What if every choice I made was from my heart and not my head? What if I stopped considering judgement of others? What if what happened outside of me was no longer a concern? What if I approached every moment from the inside, listening to my inner voice, my guides and the universe? What if I followed my path regardless how apprehensive and anxious the unknown feels? What if I tipped the scales of gratitude, abundance, love and joy in my direction? What if what I have known all along is true? What if I told you all of this is possible and the best part is, it is simple and attainable; all you have to do is ask.

Often times, our stories manifest into a life of their own, easily becoming dependent on their existence to validate our pain. I ask that you release your stories and tap into the deep inner knowing of your being. There within, lie all the answers. You are a blessing to me and I know what MY passion and purpose is. I have asked for guidance wanting to help others with what I have learned from my experiences, my fears and my pain. I am healing and with that comes a rebirth of acceptance, gratitude, self-love, joy and abundant light.

My book is my passion to share my purpose, to be of service and offer healing.

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Dream It-Design It-Believe It-Receive It

DDBR-Micki xo

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