First of May

First of May

Hello Beautiful Souls-May 1st. I don’t think I’m alone when I ask, “Where have the last four months gone?” It’s true what they say. The hands on the clock are spinning faster. The hours in the day zoom by quickly, and the weeks in the year fly by. We need to slow down, slow way down. Slow down enough to take in each moment as the precious gift that it is.

When things are tough and we are struggling, we want time to fly so we can get past it. Perhaps so we can move on and not deal with it. We, as a society, don’t deal with negative experiences well. In other words, we don’t take the time to sit with the feelings long enough to really feel them and learn what we are to learn from them. But these so-called negative experiences are gifts too. The gift is wisdom.

The experiences that make us feel bad or sad or anxious or depressed are categorized as negative because, let’s face it, we are a society that needs categorizing. But what if you were to lessen the length of time that you struggled? What if you stepped into the courageous space of really feeling all the feelings that live inside those negative emotional experiences?

Yuck! It’s better to just get on with it and forget about it, right?

You’d like to think so but our bodies store everything. Our bodies store all of our emotional traumas. Every-single-one!

And guess what? If you don’t feel your way through it today, it will come back bigger and stronger next time. Maybe that will get your attention. Maybe?

Yeah, it sucks to think about having to do all that work but wouldn’t you rather pay attention to it when it’s a manageable challenge instead of waiting until it is so enormous, that you begin to have physical symptoms? Will you pay attention to your body then? Will you pay attention to your needs then? Will you pay attention to your overall health and well-being then?

Mind? Body? Spirit? Soul?

Here are some simple things to pay attention to as your body sends you messages to slow down and pay attention.

Are you getting plenty of sleep?

Are you tossing and turning because your over active mind won’t allow you to have a good rest?

Are you short-tempered? Irritable?

Are you un-motivated?

Are you taking on more than you should?

Are you adding other’s problems onto your own as a distraction? (It’s far easier to fix someone else’s problem than your own)

Are you distracting by spending too many hours on social media, watching TV, or engaging in destructive behaviors?

Are you attempting to please everyone? Do you say yes, more than you say no, because you’re nice?

Are you last on your list?

Are you making YOU a priority?

Are you paying attention to your needs, wants, and desires?

Are you taking quiet time for yourself?

Are you connecting with nature?

Are you nourishing your body with good nutrition?

Are you walking? Exercising? Dancing? Moving your body?

Are you practicing yoga or meditation?

Are you eliminating toxins from your environment and your body?

Are you spending time with like-minded people? Is there mutual respect?

Do you surround yourself with trust-worthy and supportive people?

Are you smiling?

Are you laughing?

Are you able to relax with zero guilt?

Start simple. Make small changes so that you don’t become overwhelmed, but make the changes.

Pick a few things to let go of that no longer nurture your soul.

Adopt a few new manageable things to begin nurturing your soul.

Be first on your list!

It won’t slow down time, but it will feel more precious when you make the most of it.

Time isn’t real anyway. Time is a construct that we made up

That is a blog for another time!

Be well dear friends. Stay Curious-



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