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Hello Beautiful Souls-I am often asked, “How do I bring what I experience in a meditation or a life coach session into my everyday life? How do I capture and keep the same feeling of confidence, peace and calm throughout my day? How do I invite the same passion and excitement for the vision of my future once I leave the space of my intentions? How do I carry what I feel for 60 minutes into the remaining 1380 minutes of the day?

The answer is the practice of consistent awareness and attention to your thoughts and behaviors.

Keeping a sense of well-being within your being is something we all struggle with. We struggle with it because our familiar old patterns greet us as soon as we walk out of our yoga class or our meditation class and our life coach session. We can easily envelope all the good stuff while we are being bathed in an hour of mindful introspection. The only thing distracting us in those self-care practices are our old patterns, thoughts and behaviors.

As soon as we wake up in the morning, we are reminded of our old self. We tend to do the same things and see the same people and go to the same places. We are quite habitual in nature making this very typical behavior. And because our habits are a robotic behavior it makes the practice of awareness much more difficult. Although we have responsibilities that need our constant attention and can feel repetitive and dull, these responsibilities can easily pull us into our old patterns. It takes conscious awareness and personal effort to bring newly adopted perspectives into each experience and each interaction.

Have a clear intention of what your future looks like for you. Get very detailed in all of the intricate parts of your future reality. Start to dream and feel how your future will change you. Be very aware of any patterns and thoughts that no longer serve you. Ask yourself if your thoughts and behaviors fit into the new version of yourself. Begin to replace the old with the new. Start to feel exactly how it would feel to live your future now. Make this your new habit. This self-care practice changes your thoughts. When your thoughts change, your energy changes. When your energy changes, your life changes.

Find your center. What does this mean? Finding your center means to connect to your inner light. To have an awareness of the connection between your mind, body, spirit and soul. To invite inner balance between your heart and your mind. To initiate a practice to observe the coherence between the two. Often times when we suffer, we are experiencing inner turmoil. The suffering is the result of an inner imbalance between what we think and what we feel. Perhaps your thoughts are telling you one thing and your heart is telling you another. When our hearts and minds are in opposition, we are out of balance. Disruption occurs when we don’t honor our true selves. We, as humans, have a long history of conforming to what others think and feel. We align our behaviors to reflect what we observe all around us. These observed behaviors become our patterns and our personalities are formed from everything we observe. We numbingly go through life seldom questioning any of it. For many of us, we begin to question it when it no longer works for us. But we have done the same things for so long, many of us don’t know how to get back on course. We have forgotten that it is our own hands on the wheel and we can learn how to steer our own ship in these uncharted waters. It is up to us as individuals to decide what patterns and behaviors are in alignment with our authentic spirit.

Finding your center when you are not engaged in a mindful practice such as yoga, meditation, physical exercise or even a walk in nature simply takes awareness. Awareness is a practice of paying attention. Once you develop this practice, it replaces old behaviors because you are training your mind and body to pay attention and to be aware of your behaviors. You then are able to decipher what behaviors bring the most beneficial outcomes for your overall health and well-being.  You are simply replacing an old unconstructive behavior with a new, deeply valuable behavior for you.

Finding your center is slowing down to notice the power of your breath. Finding your center is embracing the power of the connection to your truth. A gentle, simple practice to remind yourself to listen to your inner compass. Listen to the marriage of your heart and mind. This marriage invites complete balance and will guide you perfectly on your life’s journey.

 Breathe to slow down and remember. Find your center to recall your true spirit.

Connect and Engage. Allow and Surrender. Trust and Relax.

Dream It-Design It-Believe It-Receive It

DDBR- Be well dear friends

Micki xo

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