Expect the Unexpected

Hello Beautiful Souls- Today I want to explain scientifically what I’ve learned about what happens in our brains during meditation.  I use to feel that I did things backwards. I think most people do their research and then try something new. It is typical for me to have a new experience then do the research. I let my signs and symbols guide me to my next adventure. I like to be surprised. I never liked science in school, it never held my interest, but now, I can’t get enough, and that surprises me! Science allows quantum theory to be explained and understood. Science is the foundation for the food choices I’ve made and also what I allow and don’t allow into my body. Science explains how yoga poses correspond with the healing of a particular body part. Before I understood how brain wave patterns take us from our thinking analytical mind to a restful and restorative mind all the way to a super mystical magical mind, I experienced many meditations that were so out there I wouldn’t even share them with my husband. You can’t meditate wrong, you can only improve on your practice and allow yourself to be more open to possibilities. Almost immediately, however, you will feel a difference in your attitudes, perceptions and reactions during your waking life. You can create a practice and develop a skill that will change or confirm your current beliefs and perceptions, you may even improve your health and rid your body of chronic conditions.

There are 5 main brain wave patterns. They are: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma. Beta is your conscious brain in its awake state. You are aware of your environment and your senses are active. The brain is using logic and reason. When we move from Beta to Alpha, we are learning. Alpha is a more relaxed state. There is more attention to your inner world than your outer world. Your imagination is activated during Alpha and sparks creativity that supports learning. Theta brain waves mean that your body is asleep but your mind is awake. Your habits are suppressed during this state. Ideas are heightened. Delta moves you into restorative sleep. The body and the mind are asleep. Then there is sweet, sweet Gamma! This is a heightened state of awareness. Pure consciousness. Your brain is highly active but it’s aroused from an inner event. Brain waves actually increase and you become more suggestable without analysis. You are plugged into your autonomic nervous system and cellular repair can take place. Healing happens here.

The breath is used as a tool to slow down your heart rate and relax your body. As our breathing slows we move beyond our analytical minds into slower brain wave patterns, from our conscious minds into pure consciousness. By nature, I do not have an analytical mind, I am highly suggestable (not to be confused with gullible) so this enables me to get into a state of gamma with ease. My experiences have been like an extremely lucid dream that I both didn’t understand and required research or that I completely understood and offered validation, always full of abundant love, support and information. It’s as if I am watching a movie about me. I am the observer and only interested in what is going to happen next and almost coaxing an attitude of pure knowledge in this space, reminding myself to keep surrendering to the experience. While in gamma brain wave pattern, I am tapping into the quantum field where limitless possibilities exist. The following is a meditation I had in a few months ago, I was obviously in Gamma.

I am met by Rose (you will meet Rose at the end of my book, she plays a very important role in my life) She leads me to the dark, vast space where I have been many times before. It is familiar and wonderful. I usually float around in this very black nothing-ness with a few specks of light, it is much like what I suppose the galaxy would look like if I were in space. Rose and I are walking along on a tree-lined path and as we come to a clearing I see a teepee off in the distance. We continue to move forward and I see a man standing outside of the teepee ready to greet us. Rose pushes me toward this man and she disappears. As I stand face to face, I instantly know this is me. It is a simple truth. Understood. This man, this person is me in a previous life. I am a healer. A medicine man dressed in Native American Indian attire. There are no words spoken, I know this is my soul from a past life, a profound knowing. I stand before him and watch as my soul from a previous life starts radiating energy through my entire body as  my present soul. He communicates through thought alone. He says I am healing and healthy. The pain I am experiencing in my neck can be remedied. He starts to move his hands around the silhouette of my entire body, up and down, back and forth several times. This creates a warm sensation in both my physical seated body and the body standing before the healer. He, as me, stops at my neck and tells me with no words that all is okay, all I’ve been working on is okay. He places his large paw-like hands softly around my neck. He gently pushes my head to the left and as he is holding my head at a tilt, he pulls from the right side of my neck a long rigid steel rod. He pulls for a long time, the entire length of my body and as he displays the rod in front of me he says, “This is anger, hurt and pain.” He lays it down horizontally on a ledge or a table that isn’t there, the rod is suspended in the air. He turns towards me and starts to pull a similar rod out of the left side of my neck, again the entire length of my body. He holds it in front of me and states, “This is jealousy and lack.” He carries it over and lays it next to anger. His mouth does not move as he shares the following thoughts, “They are being sent into the fire-they are transforming-no more pain-no more lack-the fire will transform them to energy-energy for your new body and new mind-they are no longer useful as they once were-they will become wisdom- to be transformed into useful energy.” His attention and gaze turn toward my knees. He warms his hands over the fire created by my anger and jealousy, now wisdom and cups his hands around my left knee first. The warmth transfers into my muscle deep into the tissue massaging it with healing heat, but he is not touching me. He continues to move his hands around my knee and I can feel the depths of healing into my knee joint, muscles and tendons. He then moves towards the fire, holds his hands over the flame and moves to work on my right knee. The transfer is over and he puts his hand on top of my head. I move closer and he presses our bodies together. He says with no words, “We are heart to heart,” and I can feel the energy from his heart, it is moving and I feel it as it enters through my chest into my heart. He looks into my eyes as this is happening and I am so overcome with heat that I think I will pass out both in my physical body and my body in the event. He continues to look into my eyes as the transfer is happening still with no words, I am uncomfortable but I understand that I must not waiver-let it happen-trust-breathe. Surrender. I understand he is a great master, my soul from a past life to visit and bring me peace. The feeling is so intense. I have never felt warmth at this level before-I know this is unconditional love-at an intensity and degree I didn’t know existed and is now in my soul, deep inside my soul. I, the medicine man, the great healer, look deep into my soul, past my eyes, he nods his head as if to be pleased with the transfer. He steps back and disappears. Rose returns. I look into her root beer-colored eyes and I’m grateful for her gentle and caring nature. I caress her face as she holds and softly rocks me back and forth bringing my body temperature back to normal while offering me peace and calm. I am full of gratitude, joy and bliss. A bliss I have no words to describe and have never experienced at this level. I am in pure gratitude- I am changed.

When I returned to my body, came back to the room and the chair I was sitting in, I couldn’t believe what just happened. This meditation explained so much for me. I have always been interested in the Native American culture and admired their knowledge of the earth and its offerings to use medicinally and spiritually. I believe that everything we need to cure us is in nature and I always have. I have made changes in my life based on this belief.  For no explained reason, I am guided towards this path, these choices because they resonate within me, because they feel right. During this meditation I received a message confirming a deep knowing that wasn’t taught to me as a young girl but has always lived inside of me. My neck and my knees had been feeling achy and although I am aware we hold tension and stress in certain areas of our bodies and I have attempted other methodology to ease the strain, I had not “named” the exact emotion that needed releasing until this meditation experience. I am continually surprised by what is available to us, I consider myself to be as open to receive new information as possible and boy oh boy the universe is listening. This experience has taught me more about tapping into my intuitive strengths and to always listen and be open and just be, just be in it. Allow. Receive.

Meditation-go with whatever comes for you, maybe it is an idea, maybe its answers to old mysteries. Perhaps you will get to meet your soul from a past life or lives. You are tapping into you, so just relax and go wherever your meditation takes you. I promise, it will be what you need. If you want to transform your life, change your energy by changing your mind and open your heart. You simply cannot walk away from an experience like this without feeling change at a very deep spiritual level. Learning something new, whatever that is for you, to connect to something that is waiting to be discovered is part of the healing process. I have made a connection to the quantum field, the field of endless possibilities and I am loving this neighborhood!

Happy Meditating

Dream It~Design It~Believe It~Receive It



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