Hello Beautiful Souls

Sometimes it’s easier for us to connect on a secret level. Safely hiding behind the anonymity on the keyboard of our electronic deivices, numbingly clicking away to support our motivation. Perhaps you peruse social media scouring through uplifting posts, or perhaps you wait anxiously for your favorite, inspirational bloggers to post new material for daily or weekly inspiration. Or maybe, you are connecting to support the negativity in your life.

Is fear your motivator?

I often hear people commenting on the amount of negativity on social media and the web. My response to all comments surrounding negativity is, “You get what you attract.” What I mean by this, is that if you follow or read negative posts, you will attract more negativity to you. If you click or engage in negative comments, you will attract more negativity to you by seeing more negative posts.

Let’s look at our life as a primary algorithm. An algorithm is defined as a finite sequence of well-defined instructions, typically used to solve a class of specific problems or to perform a computation. We connect to this definition mostly in the science of mathmatics and how we use our computers to interact on the internet. Your algorithm is your energy. Everything you say, think, and feel is your energy, your algorighm. How do we change the negativity? The way to change anything begins with changing you. How do you begin to create change? You change, by changing how you think, what you say, and how you feel. Change how you engage and who you engage with, and that changes your energy. You change by choosing differently. You change by creating and choosing positive, daily choices.

Become an active participant in your life.

Is love your motivator?

You have the power to connect with everything and everyone in a positive way.

This change takes active participation and awareness on a mindful level. Begin by allowing positivity to flood your environment. Actively pursue positive pages on social media and on the internet. Engage with positive people. Invite your mentors to be the pillars to frame a new foundation for you. Be gentle with yourself. Allow your self-talk to be loving and compassionate. Correct any self-sabotaging comments into self-empowering comments. Make the shift and accept every loving part of you. And when you notice those not-so-loving parts, have empathy for those old, unhealed wounds and encourage yourself to shine a light on the dark places within.

Become aware of your needs and make yourself a priority.

This is not self-indulgent behavior, which by definition, lacks control. This is an act of self-control and self-care at the highest level. This is an act of putting yourself first, not at the detriment of the people you care about, but rather, at the betterment for the people you care about,

Choose you. Choose positive behavior. Choose self-care. Choose higher, vibrational energy. Choose love!

Choose supportive connections.

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