Change Isn't Hard, It's Uncomfortable

Change Isn't Hard, It's Uncomfortable

Hello Beautiful Souls-We will do just about anything to avoid feeling uncomfortable. I think back to my youth all the way into my mid-forties when I never thought twice about taking an over-the-counter pill as soon as I felt a headache coming on or experienced physical discomfort or pain.  I never thought about the consequences, my only goal was to dismantle the discomfort. I recognize now that I handed over my power and that I chose familiar over healthy every time. As a collective, we choose many ways to avoid, distract, and numb as to not feel uncomfortable.  It wasn’t until I adopted a holistic approach to my health and well-being that I learned just how powerful our minds and bodies are when working in tandem to make better choices.

As humans, we gravitate towards familiar. Even if familiar is toxic and unhealthy. Why? Because familiar represents everything that is predictable in our lives. Predictable allows us to control the outcome based on past experiences. Our fears live in the moment of letting go of the wheel of control. Even if, intellectually, we know the predictable outcome is not a healthy choice that could ultimately represent change, we unconsciously and conditionally choose familiar time and time again.

 Choices based on a familiar outcome keep us stuck.

 Creating lasting change requires self-awareness as a formula for success.

 As a society, we have been conditioned to avoid discomfort. We are inundated with commercials and advertisements suggesting a type of band-aid as a cure. Unfortunately, a band-aid is a cover that temporarily masks our discomfort.

Feeling uncomfortable is how our bodies communicate with us and is meant to get our attention.

Lasting change begins every time we decide to make a different choice than we did the day before. Lasting change begins every time we are mindful of a compassionate choice for our personal health and well-being.


Pay attention and be aware of the choices that are no longer nurturing or nourishing to you. Let go of ego and become the observer by simply introducing a practice of deep respect for your mind, body, and spirit.

Surrender to the unknown and trust that your desired outcome will find you. Feeling uncomfortable is part of change because you cannot predict the outcome. Embrace a new perspective as you trust your heart, your inner voice, and your truth. Allow these built-in guideposts to steer you towards choices customized specifically for your optimal inner and outer health and balance.

Today is a good day to embrace the uncomfortable. Choose your support system wisely and know that on the other side of uncomfortable is freedom!

Be well dear friends.

Stay Curious,

Micki xo

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