Attention- Perception- Intention

Attention- Perception- Intention

Hello Beautiful Souls-


Our personal evolution requires personal change. Many of us feel stuck, not knowing how to change. Change, just like everything, holds an energy and change requires attention and awareness.

Understand, foundationally, what you believe in and strive to make changes to match your inner beliefs.

Place your attention on your heart’s desires and dreams. Acknowledge that your heart holds your truth and change your thoughts to be your truth. Change your thoughts and change your life.

Your truth is based on your perceptions. Remember, what we see is not how they are, it is how we are. Our perceptions are based on the memories of our past. Start by dissecting what works for you and what has not worked for you based on your past experiences. Acknowledge the wisdom you’ve attained through the tough lessons that you’ve endured. Begin to envision a path to your future based on your new perceptions with an awareness of your heart’s truth. Allow open communication between heart and mind, connecting and creating a lovely coherence.

Intentionally design a future that acknowledges your truth.

Every action, every thought, and every perception is energy. Energy attracts like energy. What is your inner dialogue? What are you telling yourself? Is your ego triggered? Are you defensive? Are all of your reactions based on past experiences?

Create change.

Create change in your reaction. Change your internal dialogue to spark a connection to acknowledge the dimensions that define the depths of your spirit. Pay attention to your depths. Can you redefine your perceptions to reflect similarities and connection instead of a perception that exacerbates separation and division?

Set an intention daily to achieve balance within your mind, body, and spirit. It is a continual and patient process to place awareness on your health and well-being. It is an intentional practice to make choices every day to support the connection to a higher consciousness.

Connect to your higher consciousness. Choose to pay attention to your heart. Change your thoughts to match what lives in your heart. Create balance. Enjoy and embrace the process of change.

Remain curious my friends

Dream it-Design it-Believe it-Receive it

Be well


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