Alternative Healing

Alternative Healing

Hello Beautiful Souls- Today I’ll be addressing alternative healing options.

When I began on my healing journey, I was not aware of many of these healing methods. I believe in a holistic approach to offer balance in mind, body, spirit, and soul. Little did I know at the time, how my experiences would compare to other healing experiences.

For the past several years, I have done my own research and the following conclusions are based on that research and my personal experiences.

 Some alternative healing methods are ancient while others are based on new discoveries and concepts. They include but are not limited to, micro dosing, darkness therapy, meditation and quantum physics. Shamanic healing, Reiki, and sound healing.

I’ve also included information about near death experiences, reincarnation, and past lives because I find it equally fascinating.

Although I have not personally experienced each healing method outlined, I have experienced similar end results in my own meditation practice.


Michael Pollan is an American author and journalist, who is currently the Knight Professor of Science and Environmental Journalism at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. I was first introduced to Michael Pollan on an episode of Oprah’s “Super Soul Sunday.”  His latest work is entitled, “How to Change Your Mind,” and that book is now a docuseries currently available on Netflix.

With the help of counterculture gurus expanding minds, Mr. Pollan explores the history and uses of psychedelics, including LSD, psilocybin, MDMA and mescaline used in micro dosing techniques.

Although I am an intuitive life coach and my work involves a collaborative exploration with my clients for healing, counseling oftentimes requires numerous sessions to uncover past traumas which ultimately result in profound healing. I couldn’t help but be intrigued by the instant cure and lasting results of micro dosing. As outlined in this docuseries, the participants are able to experience a mind altering behavioral change in one, two, or three sessions. I was most moved by an interview by one of the participants who suffered from PTSD after serving our country. Prior to micro dosing sessions, that are conducted with a professional in a controlled environment, he suffered from daily suicidal thoughts. He stated that his micro dosing experience had instant positive results and is the only reason his child gets to hold his father’s hand instead of a flag.


Most recently I watched, “Awake in the Darkness.”

Dark therapy is the practice of keeping people in complete darkness for extended periods of time in an attempt to treat psychological conditions. The human body produces the melatonin hormone, which is responsible for supporting the circadian rhythms. Darkness seems to help keep these circadian rhythms stable-(Wikipedia)

I highly recommend this documentary if you are looking for a holistic prescription for tapping into a higher consciousness for healing. Aubrey Marcus submerges himself in total darkness for seven days. The result is an intense personal transformation as he connects to his own divine wisdom that ultimately offered profound understanding for his personal healing and growth.


The more I explore the concepts and beliefs of the shaman community, the more I can relate some of my own meditation healing experiences to that of the Shaman.

Shamanic healing is a ceremony performed by a shaman to receive information for healing purposes. In this process, also known as the shamanic journey, the shaman travels to otherworldly realms to connect with helping spirits, who guide and assist them in healing individuals, communities, and the planet.

These spirits come in the form of spirit guides or power animals. They take on these familiar-looking forms to be more relatable to human perception.



Other types of energy healing include Reiki and Sound Healing.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

Benefits of Reiki are; relieves pain, anxiety, and fatigue, boosts your mood, and treats depression. Reiki can improve symptoms and conditions to enhance your quality of life.

I have experienced emotional and profound healing with the guidance and wisdom of a local Reiki master. I highly recommend Reiki.


Sound healing is a form of healing that uses different vibrations to heal the body, mind and spirit. It works on two principles: That different emotions vibrate at different levels, and that blocked, or unexpressed emotions, are the main source of dis-ease.

The benefits of sound healing are that it clears energetic blockages, relaxes, and it supports mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

I have experienced both emotional and physical healing with the help of a sound healing practitioner. I highly recommend this treatment.


“Surviving Death,” is another Netflix docuseries that I connected with.

Based on author Leslie Kean's book, "Surviving Death," an investigation into the possibility of life after death; innovative new research is combined with personal stories of near-death experiences, reincarnation and paranormal phenomena.

I believe in transmigration, the spirit world and metaphysics. I have experienced many things that cannot be logically explained but feel more real than anything in the physical realm.

In all things, there are different degrees of belief. I cannot discount the 4-15% of the population’s accounts of their near death experiences and how it profoundly changed them forever.


 “What the Bleep Do We Know?”

This is a fascinating and provocative documentary that postulates the existence of a spiritual connection between the realms of quantum physics and consciousness, demonstrating this through inspiring visual effects, story-telling and interviews with experts.

One of the expert neuroscientist interviewed for the film was Dr. Joe Dispenza.

I was so intrigued by his knowledge and wisdom. The film was released in 2004, but I didn’t see it until a few years ago. Since then, I’ve read all of Dr. Joe’s books and follow his teachings. He has created a mass following and offers week long retreats to learn about his philosophies and change your life through his meditation model.


As I watched and read to gain more understanding and knowledge, I was honestly shocked when I heard the detailed near death experiencer’s accounts that were strangely similar to my experiences in meditation. I share similar experiences in meditation with those describing their micro dosing experience, dark therapy, and shamanic healings experiences as well.


 I believe these ancient methods are practiced today because they indeed work and have stood the test of time. As I mentioned in the beginning of this blog, although I was not aware of some of these healing methods prior, through meditation I experienced a similar end result.

 Why was I able to connect with divine consciousness so easily? I had created a perfect recipe. It is a letting go of physical attachments and all attachments in my three-dimensional reality, trusting in the unknown, and entering the quantum universe with curiosity. When done properly, brainwave patterns change from beta to alpha to theta, allowing your body to relax enough to engage with a higher consciousness. I simply allowed the unknown to unfold in front of me. I watched, as the observer, as the visions and symbolism answered my life questions. The best way for me to explain it is that I entered what felt like a dream-like state while also being very aware that I was the observer watching a movie that was produced just for me.

I explain many of my healing meditations in my book, “My Soul Contract, A Teaching Memoir of Trauma, Truth, and Transformation.”

 In my teaching memoir, I share my life’s experiences and invite you along for the ride as I discover my own hero’s journey. My book is divided into three parts. Because it is a transformational journey, I use the metamorphosis of the butterfly as my outline, from caterpillar to butterfly.

We live in a time when more and more people are seeking alternative treatment for healing. Many options exist at our fingertips, while other practices and practitioners are located in our own backyards. I always say, “Do your own research.” Trust in what resonates as healing for you and connect with the practitioners in their field.

Stay Curious Dear Friends

In healing love,

Micki xo

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