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Hello Beautiful Souls-Some days I am the sparkly ballroom gown-high-heeled, blinged-out and all glam kind-of-gal and some days I am the simple wide-legged boho pants, barefoot, mala beads and all caj kind-of-gal. Some may view this as a contradiction, I know it as staying true to the expression of self. I think I am a hippie at my core. Everything that embodies that definition settles in my bones like warm sunshine. I may not look like the 1960’s version of the girl seemingly in her own world, letting the vibration of Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix music course through her veins, but she’s here in me, living, breathing and punching through the walls of convention. Other times I am called to express myself in this modern day dressed-up perfection most of us use as a veil. It’s fun to play dress-up and remind yourself just how sparkly you are. But it’s also fun to be YOU, the real you, whoever that is for you. What makes you feel authentic? What pulls you back home? I feel much more at home surrounded by nature connecting to my free spirit, embracing my authentic self, that sweet, expressive girl that hid for so long. I am happy to sit in stillness, breathe in the fresh country air and feel the sun warm my face and soothe my heart. I don’t have to walk far to feel and hear nature all around me, just a short walk to my backyard. I have to travel a far greater distance both in geography and stillness to don the glam attire and bust a move, but I am happy to do both when that fire calls me.

I think my spirit pulled me to the quiet country life and that is how the invitation to embrace stillness felt so within reach for me. So when I was ready to go searching, it was just steps away. I listen to clients and friends say, “If only I would have known the peace and inner tranquility in my 20’s or 30’s, I would have done things differently.” But I know the truth. There are no “if-only’s and what-ifs.” There is only exact, perfect divine timing and I’ve conditioned myself to be aware and grab it as it presents itself for me. Because, to be quite honest, you would not have seen it or felt it or heard it before. For those of you asking, “Why, why now?” I will tell you, because it is your time. You are connecting with your higher self. You are being sent messages from the universe, from God, from source. I don’t care what you call it or what your definition of divinity is, but we all have a connection to this thing that is greater than us. I know that people and circumstances and sorrow and joy are all perfectly timed gifts. Some are delivered with big fat shiny bows, some are delivered with heart-wrenching, life-altering tears, while others are delivered with a ginormous question mark. The unknown has become a welcome guest as well as a welcome quest FOR me and it has given me zest to stay curious and to live as fully as I can on any given day.

Perspective. This changes throughout our lives. It feels safe to travel the familiar route, risky to take the road less traveled and courageous to pave your own trail. Depending on the choices you make, you may have to leave some friends and family in the dentation of your tire treads and that is normal and it is OK. If you can do all of this and have at least one human by your side who loves and supports you through all of your changes and growth, consider yourself pretty damn lucky. Many people are not strong enough to walk alongside as you navigate and discover your truth. You are no longer familiar and this is scary for some and awkward for others and downright backwards for some. We must constantly remind ourselves that the people who have been chosen to walk alongside us were divinely placed in our path. The hardships, the losses, the challenges and the battles are all here, dropped in front of us, as perfectly timed lessons to help steer us towards our destiny and grow our soul. This is a time when our inner light asks us to grab a blanket and get real cozy with the unknown. Loss and change is inevitable. It changes our heart and toils with our spirit. I am not sure that time heals. We heal. Our heart breaks and cracks and doesn’t feel the same. Our broken heart gets a Band-Aid, and sometimes it feels like that’s all it gets. The Band-Aid gets us through pieces of our life when we have to show up and act normal, be all sparkly for everyone else. Life is hard and then it’s easy, and then it’s in the blender and then it’s cake, it’s fear and hate and sadness and then it’s joy and peace and love, it’s slow with obstacles and then it’s fast with glorious discoveries.

Life is all of these things and more. We have choices. We can let our lives happen to us or we can create and allow life to happen FOR us. We all have grief and sorrow and experiences that are massively difficult and because we are human and we are emotional beings, this is all part of what we signed up for. It doesn’t make it easier but knowing we are not alone, makes it bearable. We will endure and we will be ok. We will walk through the storms in our lives knowing that on the other side, inherently, we will feel the sunshine on our face and allow it to warm our hearts.

We can create calm while going through our storms. We can create a day of peace instead of waiting for our mood to dictate our day. Before you have your first cup of joe, as soon as you roll out of your cozy, glorious slumber, roll right into meditation and create. Create the peace you wish to experience in your day, designing it exquisitely to every last detail. Eyes closed, invite a full heart, embracing the powerful gifts you possess and pull in the divine. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. Just as the artist dips the brush and expresses their heart onto the canvas, you are going to dip your brush into your soul and paint your desires onto your spirit, coloring your future self into exactly what you want.

Embrace your inner glam or embrace your inner hippie. Whatever you are feeling, go with it and flow. Breathe in your nurturing environment, walk in the lush green meadows, float in the river of change and create your beautiful future. Cozy up to the place that feels like home. Cozy up to your heart and breathe in the sunshine of your truth. Dream in your desires. Design your perfect future. Believe it will find you in divine timing. Receive it enthusiastically with love and gratitude.

Stay curious. Create your destiny.

 Embrace this complicated, seriously beautiful life in all its offerings.

In Love, Joy and Gratitude


AllMicki xo

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