A Soul’s Purpose

Hello Beautiful Souls-How do I begin? This is an extremely sensitive subject. I will start by sharing my beliefs regarding reincarnation. I believe that each of us goes through a series of lifetimes for the purpose of spiritual growth and soul development. I have always had my own ideas and experiences that begged for answers beyond what I was taught to believe in as a child. The thirst for this knowledge was pivotal when I began my journey of transformation. The transformation that constantly reminds me of the important role my spirit plays in guiding my soul’s purpose.  I am all-in when I declare that all souls choose their family and their parent or parents based on what that soul needs to learn or experience during its time in the physical realm. Of course, parents also have significant influence as to which soul joins their family through conception. Our daily thoughts, desires and purposes create a beacon for souls who respond to these energies. This is particularly true of the mother. According to the Edgar Cayce readings, a woman’s daily activities and inner thoughts during the gestation period create a field much like a magnet would, attracting souls to the field of opportunity the life as her child would offer. Years ago, when a friend and I were discussing this topic, the subject of child abuse, child suicides and losing a child due to unforeseen events came up. I quickly discovered that although I was perfectly comfortable with my beliefs as they related to adults, I couldn’t grasp the idea that a soul could or would actually choose a life of abuse or a life that caused their families years of emotional trauma and heartache. I wrestled with this for a long time. I felt as if my belief was being tested. How could I only partially believe this to be the case? I think we all have these crossroads, these tests if you will. The times that ask us to evaluate what we thought to be our sturdiest, deep-rooted beliefs. The ideas we adopt to bring us comfort and get us through life’s hardships and losses.  The intersection between what we support and believe because we can see, touch and feel it, and what we choose to believe and support that are intangible, the things we cannot see or touch or have physical proof of, but it feels true and right and just. This is a test of faith.

This blog is capable of reaching anyone anywhere and although the recent news story I am going to discuss may not have reached your local news coverage, a similar story unfortunately has been repeated in an excruciatingly painful reality in many cities and towns worldwide. I made a choice years ago to quit watching the news. I noticed how the constant barrage of negativity affected me emotionally as if I breathed it into my lungs, let it oxygenate my blood and pumped it into my heart. I had a difficult time releasing this negative energy and for this reason, I decided to avoid the media as much as possible. My husband watches the news so it is on in the background of my home and I do hear bits and pieces in the mornings before work. I try very hard not to let the negativity of bad news seep in. A 5 year old boy named AJ was missing and within a week his body was found and his parents were charged with his murder. As if that in its self is not disturbing enough, the way in which this young boy died is unspeakable. The reports state the DCFS made countless visits to his home but he was never removed permanently from his parents care. AJ’s picture was plastered everywhere, this sweet young boy looking away from the camera wore a baseball cap and had an infectious baby-toothed smile. I heard coworkers talking about it and saw several posts on social media. Wednesday night I had a vision, a visit from this sweet boy. I was in meditation, paying attention to my 4th energy center. I had pictured a green sphere glowing brightly and when I was feeling full of gratitude and peace, coherence and balance, love and joy, AJ showed up. There he was with his baseball cap and smile, only this time he made eye contact. As soon as he appeared, I began to cry. I cried for the horrible treatment he endured, the horrific way he died and I held out my arms to hold him. He climbed in my lap and as I rocked him I told him that he is a good boy and he didn’t do anything wrong. He smiled, looked up at me and said, “I know.” I cradled him and told him, “You’re ok now. You are loved. You are safe.”  This was a profound visit from spirit and I could not have been more surprised as I typically receive messages from spirit that I know personally. I was struggling with this loss as was an entire community of folks as they came together to mourn the loss of this poor little boy. I privately shed many tears over this tragedy again questioning my beliefs. On Saturday during my morning meditation, AJ’s spirit came forward once again. My attention had just moved from my heart center to my third eye energy center. The third eye is the connection to my intuition, my map to the divine, the universe, the unknown. I am able to tap into this realm as I pull in my guides, my angels, my gate keepers, my dead people, the masters and finally Rose. I thanked them all for being with me always. I think of the sweet beautiful spirit of AJ. I thought of last Wednesday night while in savasana, his bright green light was next to my bright green light. Our heart energies were recognized as coherent and balanced and I when I told him I love him I remembered it was as if was comforting me for my pain. He just smiled as I held him. I told him he has a beautiful soul and that I am happy he’s not suffering. He brought me the picture of his final time on this plane. He laid in a cold tub of water until he took his last breath. He told me that although his soul only had 5 years here, his soul was with this family for a specific purpose. He told me his soul’s purpose was to save his brother’s life. He knew his purpose all along and asked that I don’t cry for him, He then looked at me and said, “I fulfilled my destiny and my soul’s purpose.” I held him in my arms and cried. I know what I have believed for so long and I always struggled with anything that had to do with children and the trauma suffered in their beautiful, fragile, innocence, but today my beliefs were confirmed by spirit. For every experience, there is an answer. We cannot see through the pain and the horror of an event, but this was answered today for me so I can continue to believe in the beauty and importance of each soul and how intricately precious the grand plan is. We shake our heads in disbelief because we cannot accept evil behavior especially when it involves children, animals or the elderly. The helpless. The innocent. For me, this acceptance, this belief enables me to see past the event and accept that our only purpose is to grow and be better. Better at this life. Better at love. Better at joy. Better at peace. Better at connection. We, our soul, has many opportunities to leave this life better than how we came in to it.

 Each soul has a purpose and the purpose is to grow each soul by life lessons and once that is fulfilled, the soul leaves the physical body. A soul touches many lives as a student and a teacher. We didn’t know AJ personally or his family. Perhaps his life and his story reached others who have suffered abuse and they in turn gain the courage to speak up and heal. Perhaps his soul touched the life of someone that upon hearing it decides they want to improve the dilapidated and shamefully underfunded family service system. Perhaps we acknowledge that a beautiful life was sacrificed to save another and acknowledge that this happens more than we realize. Perhaps a life is touched so profoundly, that a person vows to change the world we live in and promises to make it a better place and surrounds themselves with love, joy and peace in order to lift up another. Perhaps we turn a horrific event into a positive and create and run a program to help others thrive. Perhaps we quit treating mental health issues with shame and denial and embrace that it is a real problem that needs attention and resources. Perhaps we change in a way we did not expect because a tragedy affected our soul and now we recognize our own purpose and we use it and pay it forward.


Micki xo

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